3 all-time favorite frugal fall recipes


I woke up this morning and the air was brisk which meant it was time to put some of my favorite frugal fall recipes to good work once again.

One of the first things I did when the seasons began to change from late night grilling outdoors to shorter days filled with the hustle and bustle, was to turn my attention to my favorite frugal fall recipes that I had tucked away during the warm summer months.

With fall upon us, I am looking forward to putting my favorite kitchen tool, the slow cooker, to good use once again.

I love summer grilling, but it can be more expensive to cook dinner that way versus throwing a slow cooker meal together. I find that I’m able to stretch our meats further when I am making meals in my slow cooker.

I have a few favorite frugal fall recipes to share with you:
1. Chili.
Fall seems to beg for Chili dinners at my house. You can’t really mess it up and I generally have all the ingredients on hand. I use 3 pounds of hamburger, diced onions, green peppers, 2 cans of chili beans and kidney beans, tomatoes and sometime a little more chili powder depending on how much heat I feel like that day. You really can’t go wrong, so do what you think your family will love.

I like to offer my family a chili bar. I put out croutons, shredded cheddar cheese, and sour cream so they can create their own chili that’s just the way they like it.

2. Swiss Steak and Mashed Potatoes. Basically, I use the cheapest steaks I can pick up from the grocery store and cook it with a can of tomatoes and some sliced green peppers and onions on low for several hours. The steak will get so tender that is will literally fall apart.

I usually throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker first thing in the morning and whip up the mashed potatoes just before we are ready to eat.

3. Spaghetti. This is a tried and true recipe around my house. I don’t use a lot of meat in my sauce, usually about one pound will do, which helps keep the costs down. I’ll cook the meat in a frying pan before adding it to the slow cooker with sauce. Although it is simple to make homemade sauce, I find I can get the prepared kinds so inexpensively at the store. It saves me a couple steps and the extra time to put it together.

I can generally pick up noodles free with coupons and I never pay more than $0.50 for a jar of sauce.

These are just a few of our favorite frugal fall recipes. Do you have a favorite recipe that you look forward to each year?

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