3 Ways to Save on Back To School Supplies


This summer has gone by so fast. I seem to say that every year now as our three boys grow up. With the hustle and bustle of summer also comes along the realization that school is going to be back in session very soon.

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

I have nearly all of our shopping done. This year I started earlier to make sure I wasn’t frantically running from store to store to get the list of supplies and paying a pretty penny. Here are 3 things you can to do spend less on school supplies and find great back to school deals. 1. Reuse and Repurpose previous year’s supplies.  Create a list of the supplies required for your family. Shop at home from the previous year’s school supplies that can be reused.  For example, we can always reuse 3-ring binders so purchasing new is unnecessary.  The same with backpacks.  We are going on year #4 of reuse for one backpack.  That’s a savings of $25 this year alone!

2. Find bargains at the drugstores.  When you shop the drugstores and receive the loyalty rewards, you can in turn use these rewards to buy your back to school items super cheap — if not FREE!  There are some great deals to be had! P.S., find a Savings Nation Drugstore Savings Secrets coupon class near you.

3. Request that the sale price be matched.  Many stores offer price matching and will meet advertised sale prices.  This can be used to your advantage if the lowest price store is out of stock.  If this happens, simply take the advertisement offering the lowest price into either store and request a price match!

What other things do you do to save more on back to school shopping?

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