Herding Cats: Our Favorite Savings Stories for the Week of February 7th


You might have noticed that my roundup was mysteriously absent from the Savings blog feed last Friday. No? Oh… well, anyways, that’s because I was in the car exploring America’s lovely Gulf Coast and didn’t have any luck procuring some stray interwebs.

I apologize.

I’m still in recovery mode from spending Super Bowl XLIV on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but I suppose I can scrounge up some stories for you folks now that I’m back to work. Consumerist: Get Up To Speed On What The CARD Act Will Do To Credit Cards – When you think about it, the credit card industry is pretty much the new tobacco industry. They sell a product that gives you that calming buzz you crave (buying things you want when you can’t afford them), but in the long run is extremely detrimental to your well-being (random fees, unfair penalties, debt). Just look at one of the CARD conditions: they now have to spell out the consequences of misuse in plain language and encourage responsible use of their product to minimize those lethal consequences. It’s a good thing Congress is rolling this out before somebody snapped and went Tyler Durden on an urban skyline.

MainStreet: The Best Stuff To Buy In February – Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll summarize the list for you: air conditioners, bicycles, tulips, luggage, weddings, digital cameras, gas grills, video games, tools, boats, motorcycles, and Valentine’s Day paraphernalia (after the 14th, obviously). So basically, stuff you already bought for Christmas and stuff that you don’t need or can’t use in the cold.

CNN Money: Stocks We Love – I’ve never had any money with which to buy real, actual stock, but I’m a big fan of making fake portfolios and seeing how they do over the years. We had a fake stock competition in AP Gov at the end of my senior year of high school, and I found an oil company called Blue Dolphin Energy with a ridiculously volatile share price. Sure enough, it tripled to about $4 in under a month, and I won. That was in June 2005… right now, Blue Dolphin is at 36 cents. That is why I don’t buy real stock.

Daily Finance: Revenge Of The Wall Street Traders: The Fat Cats Strike Back – This is one of the most well-written articles I’ve come across in a long time, and it’s about a particularly fascinating event put on by a faction of indignant bankers under the banner “SaveWallStreet.org.” Hundreds of richer-than-God white males (and a few females) felt the need to stage a rally (their very own tea party!) and demand that America recognize the economic gifts they so graciously bestow upon our great nation every day. Wow. If now isn’t the time to start mass producing guillotines and party like it’s 1789, I don’t know when will be.

WalletPop: Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Winning The Hearts And Wallets Of Fans – You’ve gotta love a pro sports franchise that finally escapes the clutches of a megalomaniacal owner and strives to rebuild their long-estranged fanbase the right way – methodical drafting, low ticket prices, and front office accessibility (Someday, Baltimore Orioles and Washington Redskins fans, someday). If you’re located in Chicagoland (does anyone actually call it that?), it sounds like the place to be this winter/spring is the United Center for some hockey.

So there’s your “Holiday 5-Pack” of savings stories. Why not the usual six, you ask? Because it’s past 9pm Eastern and it’s time for my office dinner of Cheez-Its and Doritos.

Happy President’s Day!

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  1. coupiedoll

    5 years ago

    Thanks for the Consumerist post! Good to know what the regulations will really do and what they won’t do.

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