Herding Cats: Our Favorite Savings Stories for the Week of February 28th


Last night my weekly roundup research was interrupted when I accidentally locked myself out of the Savings office while paying for a pizza. It was quite embarrassing. Luckily, today has gone considerably smoother, so here’s the finished product, minus the usual sixth article…my dog ate it. I swear. MainStreet: Raucous Protesters Descend On Colleges – Right now is not a good time to be attending a public university in California, or Illinois, or anywhere, really. Even in better economic times, education is usually first on the chopping block when local government needs to save a little extra money, so it’s no wonder that state schools are being gutted at the same time tuition skyrockets. My advice to highschoolers: go with whatever private school throws the most money at you. It sure worked for me!

WiseBread: 5 Fun Ways To Eat Hot Dogs – Although the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation that we “redesign the hot dog” offended me almost as much as it offended Stephen Colbert, these recipes look pretty damn good. “Ghetto Spaghetti” might sound a bit racial but I’m definitely willing to ignore that. If you’re an oblong hot dog purist and happen to be located near Charleston, South Carolina, check out Jack’s Cosmic Hot Dogs in Mt. Pleasant: delicious, economical, and definitely Colbert-approved.

Consumerist: Thieves Go All “Mission: Impossible” On NJ Best Buy, Walk Off With $26K In Apple Laptops – If I managed this particular Best Buy store, I wouldn’t even be mad, I’d just be impressed. But then I’d probably waterboard every employee on my payroll until I found out which one of them lent their expertise to the professional cat burglers who pulled off such an exquisite heist.

Lifehacker: What Do You Buy Online Vs. In Stores? – This nifty pie chart will tell you pretty much what you’d expect. We buy between half and three quarters of most stuff online, but OH MY GOD look how much money we spend in-store on drugs. Seriously, folks, find a nice little Canuck pharmacy online and get ready to save thousands of dollars annually over what you’d pay at the relatively exorbitant American drugstore down the street.

WalletPop: Peer-To-Peer Loans: Writer Explains What It’s Like To Borrow From Strangers – It’s come to this: banks have become more predatory than your average loan-shark, so ruthless, in fact, that reaching into the financial glory hole that is an online peer-to-peer lending network is now safer and more affordable. This guy outlines the “incredibly simple” process for you. I’m tempted to refinance my entire student loan right now just to keep those thousands of dollars in eventual interest away from Wells Fargo out of spite.

Until next week, make sure to chew your hot dogs thoroughly!

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  1. coupiedoll

    5 years ago

    I’m waiting for the YouTube video footage of that Best Buy caper!


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