Savings Secrets: 4 fun ways to find coupons and save some money


Who doesn’t love to save with coupons? I love the beginning scenes of the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifah when she’s checking out at the register with all of her coupons. I’m always like, “yeah, that’s me!” 

Saving money is great, and clipping coupons is a great way to do just that. Most of us know that we can clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, but did you know there are other ways you can get coupons? Here are some other ways you can clip coupons and save at the grocery and drug stores. 

1. E-coupons. Coupons that you can load to your store card are such an easy way to save some money. Load it and forget it! You can load coupons to your store card on sites like, and 

And sometimes you don’t even have to load coupons in order to save. Stores like Kroger and Walgreens have automatic savings and coupons that come off when you scan your store card at the register. 
2. In-store fliers. Many stores will have coupons available within fliers you can pick up at the entrance. Publix and Whole Foods Market both have great in-store coupons available in the booklets at the front of the store. Even my local “grocery mart” has coupons available at the front of the store. Keep your eyes peeled for coupons at every store you shop at!

3. Printable coupons. Printable coupons are here to stay. These days it’s completely normal to check out with more printable coupons than clipped-from-the-paper coupons. With manufacturers offering amazing coupons on sites like and even their own Facebook pages, a lot of times more money can be saved with printables. 

4. Mobile coupons. Apps like iBotta are making it savvier and easier to save with just your smartphone. These apps make it trendy and move saving money into the hands of a new generation of couponers. iBotta is a sweet app that gives you cash for your purchases, which who would turn down free money, yo? ‘Cause that’s exactly what coupons are!

What are some of your fun ways to get and save with coupons? Tell us about your favs! And join us at a coupon class in your area, so we can share savings tips together!

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at


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