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Sometimes it’s easier to buy a stack of gift cards and pass them out to family and friends than go to the mall and fight the crowds.  It really depends on your personality and how much patience you have.

The fact that gift cards are almost anywhere offers the immediate convenience to any shopper who dreads shopping.  You can find them at your local grocery store, drug store, favorite pizzeria and more (you name it, they probably have some). 

Just like buying holiday gifts, the costs can add up very quickly.  If you’re on a budget, buying gift cards might not sound like the perfect solution for you … but wait … can you buy a gift card at a lesser price?  The answer is yes.  There are sites that are dedicated to helping you sell, buy and exchange unwanted gift cards for less than what it’s worth. BINGO! (ding-ding-ding-ding-ding). Here are four gift card sites that will help you save money:

  1. Gift Card Granny: They say they are the “Google of Gift Cards” and I think they are right.  They do all the work and research for you and you only have to buy gift cards that meets your needs.  I just found an H & M gift card for 20% off its value.  You can even sell gift cards that you won’t use or have remaining balances left on them.
  2. Plastic Jungle: They are the “web’s largest secured gift card exchange” (taken directly from their site).  The site houses tons of gift cards.  If you’re looking for something specific they are bound to have it.  Remember, the discounts off of high demand stores like Target (5% off) is less than Coleman (25% off).  Even the selling process is a cinch.  They let you know how much they pay up to for a specified store.
  3. Cardpool: You can buy and sell gift cards here too.  I tried comparing the discounted percentage from the previous 2 sites and they are pretty similar.  If you like name-dropping, this company has a good roster of “previous investors“.  Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet.
  4. GiftCardRescue.com: Call me vain, but I like the look of the site the best.  The first thing I see on the top left corner under their name is, “Saving Beyond The Coupon.”  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  While they offer similar discounts, I like the layout of their site because everything is in front of you and therefore I would probably choose this site to make my purchase (this is a matter of taste).

It’s great to know that a variety of sites are dedicated to buying and selling discounted gift cards.  In a way, it’s like getting free money.  You can finally buy gift cards for less and sell unwanted ones that were stashed in some random drawer.

Like shopping in stores, do your research (I found similar discounts from site to site, but I wouldn’t have known unless I did my research).  The look and feel of the sites are very different, so try to buy from a site that is user-friendly to you (not to someone else, but you).  Another big thing is customer service.  It can make or break or deal.  If you aren’t sure about the legitimacy of the company, call before you make the purchase.  You’ll instantly know if you have a winner or loser at hand!

Happy gift card shopping to you!

(Source: Savings.com)

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  1. ChuckG

    2 years ago

    Thanks for the tip. I need to find Walmart cards on discount. That’s where we shop for groceries.

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