4 smarter ways to save on your groceries sans coupons


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I’m always looking for new ways to save on groceries because its not always just about the coupons. Like playing a video game, you can have multiple strategies to come out a winner!

It’s all about planning, strategizing and putting those into action. While it can be as simple as using coupons and following the sales cycle, there’s actually a whole lot more to it than that. With these tips from our DealPros, you can come out a big winner at saving on your groceries:

Buying bigger doesn’t always mean cheaper

Have you every found yourself at a shopping aisle looking at a smaller product such as an 8 oz. can of tomatoes for 32 cents versus looking at a larger 15 oz. can for 67 cents. Should you buy two 8 oz. cans or buy one 15 oz. can? Which choice is cheaper? Laura of A Frugal Chick did this comparison and found that buying bigger doesn’t always mean cheaper. She suggests you make sure you look at the price before grabbing things off the shelf.
Buy your favorite items at different aisles than where they are normally placed

Alea of Premeditated Leftovers shows where you can find your favorite products for a lot cheaper at different aisles of the store than where they are normally housed. For example, buy sesame seeds from the bulk foods bins instead of the spice aisle or buy artichoke hearts from the frozen section rather than the canned foods aisle. These small adjustments will not only will you save money, but you’ll enjoy higher quality items for a lot less.

Don’t get your groceries at the grocery store

If you don’t get your groceries at the grocery store, where do you get it? Christina from Northern Cheapskate has a list of unconventional places to save on groceries. If you step out of your comfort zone of the traditional grocery shopping experience, you can save significantly at your convenience stores and even at garage sales.

Avoid falling into the grocery store trap

At some point, we’ve all fallen into one trap or another. By recognizing those traps we can fine tune our shopping experiences. Jennie of Bargain Blessings explains to us how we can avoid grocery store traps to start saving on our groceries.

When you look outside of the box, there are endless possibilities of ways you can save on groceries!

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