4 steps to a successful back-to-school year


While the summer has gone by way too quickly, the reality is that it’s back-to-school time again!

Whether your child has started or about to start, the days leading up to it, is one stressful event. Without adding to your already full plate, here are 4 steps that will lead you to a successful back-to-school year:
1. Checklist.
Before you hit the stores and shop online, make sure you have a Back to School shopping checklist because it’s going to save you time, energy and a lot more more money.

2. Sales. Once you have your list and you check it twice, have a game plan ready to go. Look at ways you can save money on clothing, school supplies, and even on bigger ticketed items such as Apple products. If your kid is tall but thin or short and wide, there are stores that make it easier to shop for the odd-sized kid. After your list has been checked off, it’s time to get ready for the first day of school.

3. First Day.
Whether it’s holding a sign indicating the date and grade level you’re child is entering or sending a special message with their lunch box, start making first day of school traditions. You’ll have pictures of those special moments and you’re child will feel like a star for a day.

4. Homework. We can’t force our child to like doing homework or enjoy their hour long study session, but we can create an environment and space that encourages healthy study habits. Loud music and video games will be huge distractions that need to stay off during studying, but classical music on the hand, will provide gentle stimulation for the brain that promotes learning and relaxation.

Hope you have a fun time shopping and sending your child off to a new grade! The first day is always the hardest for both kid and parents. Stay strong!

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