4 Tips For Saving Money With Credit Cards


Saving money should be one of the key principles taught from a young age.  I remember my  grandparents would give me $1 and say, “Now don’t go and spend it all!”  In high school, it was all about saving for college. You graduate from college, and you begin to start saving for those other big events. From there, saving often becomes one of the key components of life. While saving money is a great goal, we all spend on fun, food, housing and the occasional cup of coffee. Credit cards are known for being the “King” of the spending mindset. However, there are ways to save money while using a credit card. Below are four tips to get you started. Save Money with Rewards

This is one of the easiest ways to save with a credit card. Credit card companies want you to spend money, and they are willing to reward you when you use their credit card. Make sure you take the time to find the best credit card for your lifestyle, and pick the right times to spend! After all, why would you use cash on groceries when you could put the groceries on the credit card and receive up to 5% cash back? Suddenly that grocery bill is looking a lot better!

Save Money by Shopping Online

Have you ever heard of the saying “Time is money”? Well, that’s because it really is. When I was first promoted, I was told many times to do the highest value projects and delegate the rest, because time is money. The same can be said within our daily lives. If you are looking at buying a certain item, check online and find a website where you can buy the exact same thing. Not only will you usually find a better price, but you will also save tons of time. Just think of what you could do with all of that extra time! Maybe you could put it towards making money through other jobs or ventures.

Save Money By Using Foursquare

As the world grows more mobile every day, it seems like there are endless possibilities with social apps. FourSquare is just another way you can save money. FourSquare was able to setup a pretty nice feature with American Express, and this deal benefits the ultimate credit card saver! Sync your American Express card with your FourSquare account and start “checking in”. Recently, they launched a $5 for $5 deal that rewards you a $5 credit, when you spend more than $5 at a local business. You will be surprised of all the places that allow you to save money just by using your American Express credit card!

Save Money By Signing Up At The Right Time

One way credit card companies will coax you into using their credit card is through signup bonuses. When you begin to look for a credit card, find a list of credit card signup bonuses and figure out which company is offering the best credit card signup bonuses. As long as you time it correctly, you could end up gaining some serious extra spending cash. Just make sure you sign up at the right time! If you miss the signup bonus, don’t worry. There will always be more!

There you have it: Four easy ways you can save money by spending money. Remember, saving is great, but do not get discouraged when you spend a little. Just make sure you are spending money wisely, and saving in the areas that you can! What are some tips you can give on saving money with your credit card?

Jeff Crews is the Vice President of Marketing for CreditCardChaser.com and CarInsuranceComparison.com. He is always on the lookout for interesting ways to help people save money. When he isn’t writing about his newest savings tips, you can find Jeff cruising the beach or at his local Starbucks.

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  1. Susan.Yoo-Lee

    3 years ago

    I love how you can now sink your amex with twitter and get deals that way. I always shop at Whole Foods and right now, if I buy $75 worth of groceries I get a $20 credit. For me, it’s the best deal all year long.

  2. jeffcrews

    3 years ago

    You can sink your AMEX with Twitter? I did not know that. I thought it was only with FourSquare. That is a great deal. I need to sign up for that deal…especially since I love going grocery shopping.

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