4 very fun and unique holiday gift ideas


Everyone has at least one person on your gift list that has everything. Or maybe it’s the person whose hobby entails something that seems foreign to you. For me, they are my dad and my brother. They’re mechanically gifted and could fix anything in their spare time. But if you’re asking me to pick out the newest and best tool gadget “thingy”, I’m clueless.

So, what do you do?

I turn to the fun and quirky — but also useful gift. It’s the gift that your someone doesn’t expect. But there it is on Christmas morning under the tree as the big hit and conversation piece of the day.

What fun and quirky gifts are available to give this year? Here’s a few of my favorites. uncommon
For the musician in your family, here is the pick punch. This handy gadget will punch a pick from credit cards when they’ve been jamming all night and break their last pick. It can also be used with your new year’s resolution to go on a cash budget and lose the credit cards!


For the concert traveler, here’s the ticket stub diary. They now have a place to document all the shows they loved and all the shows they’d love to forget.

The chef in your family won’t take offensive when you use salt this year at your Christmas feast when you gift them the salts of the world.

And for my brother and my dad, who happen to both wear glasses, it is the eyeglasses holder. Never again will they set their glasses down to look closely at a small item to fix and step on them. This handy little man will keep their glasses from being broken, again.

Don’t forget that the fun and quirky gift can also be very useful. Be creative in your gifting adventure. Give the gift they didn’t know they were looking for this Christmas and help them discover the gift they didn’t know they needed.

(If you like any of the items listed above, you can find them at UncommonGoods)

Lynette Rice is a Savings.com DealPro and founder of Cleverly Simple, a website helping others learn how to save money and do so by keeping it simple. 

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