4 ways to get organized with NeatDesk


Every year, mostly during tax time, you’ll see me hunched over a shoe box with a whole year of piled up receipts. Going through each of those receipts and filing them under dates and categories is a very time consuming job.

I dread every minute of it and it gives me anxiety, especially when I get a call from my tax guy trying to set up an appointment for our yearly tax return. I’m sure many of you, if not all of you can relate to this scenario.

So this year, I have the perfect solution to my dreaded drama, NeatDesk. Just like the name, no more messy desk, no more shoe boxes to hunch over and a road to keeping my sanity and composure on a daily basis. Sounds too good to be true? I feel you and that’s why the team over at NeatDesk sent me one to test to see if it’s really too good to be true.
After using it for almost 2 months, I can say it’s good, it’s true and it’s one lean machine that helps keep my life in order. It’s almost like having an assistant. I call her Nettie.

If you want a little order in your life, here are 4 ways to get organized with the NeatDesk:

1. Scan. Do you have scanner? Tell your old one to take a vacation until a smaller job comes in. You can now scan your receipts, business cards and docs at 24 pages per minute. Plus, you can scan up to 50 pages at once! Yes, all at once and no more waiting around (this includes receipts and business cards). After you scan, toss all that paper into a recycling bin (no more loose paper scattered everywhere).

2. File. Oh yeah, the dreaded filing. My biggest enemy and such a waste of time. But wait, my Nettie (NeatDesk) actually reads the information on all the stuff I scan and creates a digital file to make things even easier. Now you can see how much you spent at which store. That rocks! Plus, your business cards are made into contacts and documents are fully keyword searchable. The best part, you don’t need a filing bin or folder for your desk.

3. Reports. This part makes me feel like I am a put together adult. You can create tax and expense reports with your receipt data which means I no longer have to drag my shoebox to my tax guy (do I smell tax fee discount?). This will save me so much time and I will be smiling all the way to get my returns done.

4. To-Go. So it’s wonderful that you have everything organized on your home computer, but from time to time, you may need to have access to your files when you are out and about. With NeatCloud (you can get a free 30 day trial with your NeatDesk), you can sync and back up your files and have access to them with a browser or your mobile phone. You can be a walking, talking, organized machine.

It’s priced at a hefty $399.95, but occasionally there are some really great promotions, as well as Groupon offers you can take advantage of. Since I pay my tax guy an extra $100 to go through the receipts, it’s worth it.

I can finally say that I don’t have mounds of receipts on my desk nor in my purse and I’ve already changed my outlook on next year’s tax season. Bring it on!

(Source: Savings.com)

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