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5 Cheap Ways to Detox After Holiday Meals

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at 9:57AM Monday November 28, 2011
under Loose Change

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, complete with tons of belly-busting food, drinks and good company. I'm actually still full from last week's feast and I'm sure most of you are feeling my pain. A ten day Master Cleanse sounds pretty good right now, but there are easier ways to get your body back on track. And, you might even have some of the digestive aids in your kitchen.

Here are some cheap and easy ways to get rid of that overstuffed feeling.

Ginger Tea

I'm actually sipping on a cup of hot ginger tea right now and it's already making my stomach feel a little better. The Chinese have been using ginger as a medicinal aid for over 2,500 years and sushi restaurants offer ginger as a palate cleanser and digestive aid. The benefits of ginger tea are endless. It's used to relieve nausea, help with motion sickness, aid digestion, reduce dizziness and help with symptoms of the common cold. I like ginger tea by Yogi Tea as it has a slightly spicy taste and it's only around $4 for a box of sixteen. If you like, you can even make your own ginger tea. All you need is ginger, water, honey and lime. Brew up a hot cup of tea and kiss those stomach pains goodbye.


Water is really nature's best cleanser. It's good to drink, shower in and swim in. And, when you're super full, think water to the rescue. Drinks tons of water to help flush out all the toxins in your body. You can eat all the fiber in the world, but if you are drinking H2O, then you're just gonna get bloated. Try this first drink first thing in the morning. Hot water with lemon. Lemon is an antiseptic, which means it gets rid of bacteria in your system. It's also a digestive aid and helps with heartburn, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. I try to drink hot water with lemon with my meals as well. It's way better for you than cold water.


We all know that oatmeal is good for us, but it is considered "boring" by many. Well, actually, oatmeal can taste quite good if you know what to add. Eating oatmeal for breakfast can lower cholesterol as well due to its soluble fiber content. And we all know that fiber gets things moving in the body. I'm a fan of instant oatmeal because it's convenient. Just open a packet, heat in microwave and add a banana or blueberries. Quaker may be the big name in oatmeal, but Trader Joe's and Target also carry store brand oatmeal that is just as good if not better! And, it's cheaper. I like the Apples and Cinnamon flavor from Trader Joe's and it costs around $3 a box.


Fancy word, but really means yogurt. Have you ever read the bottom of the yogurt cup where it said contains live cultures? There you go, probiotics. These live microorganisms are similar to the ones found in our digestive tracts. Probiotics can be found in many products besides yogurt. Miso, tempeh and some juice and soy beverages all contain this friendly bacteria. It's best known for curing diarrhea, upset stomach and lactose intolerance. Activia yogurt is one common probiotic product which promises to help naturally regulate your digestive system.


A good sweat will always get things moving. Sweating revitalizes your skin and cleanses your body naturally. Working out lifts your spirits and builds muscle tone. Don't have a gym membership? All you have to do is run, jump rope or hike. Just get your heart rate up and reap all the benefits!

What are some ways you detox from big holiday meals?