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5 DiY Christmas Decorations for Under $5 Each

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at 9:56AM Tuesday December 13, 2011
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Last week, I shared 5 Inexpensive Items that Will Transform Your Home at Christmas. This week, I've got some more holiday decor help for you.

It may seem like gorgeous Christmas decor is out of your range, but many of the gorgeous expensive home decor items that you see while you're out shopping can be made for a fraction of the price. Here are five DIY Christmas Decor projects that can be made for under $5 each.
  1. Tissue Paper Trees

    These Tissue Paper Trees are an absolutely fabulous way to add some holiday cheer to your house. All you need is tissue paper, some cardstock, glue and a cup. They look absolutely fabulous. My favorite is the tree made from tissue paper rosettes!

  2. Christmas Wreath

    This Christmas wreath is made from a wire hanger and some Christmas ornaments purchased at The Dollar Store. You can make your wreath as large or as small as you see fit!

  3. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

    Here is another tree made from paper. This coffee filter tree is made from coffee filters (I know...rather obvious) and gets its extra sparkle from sequins and beads which are glued on. I've also seen these coffee filter trees made with unbleached filters and they're absolutely gorgeous...especially if you like a vintage look. You can also use colored sequins or beads to add a splash of color.

  4. Santa Claus Can

    This Santa Can would make a great centerpiece. You could use an old coffee can if you want something a little smaller or visit your local pizza joint to ask if they'd be willing to give you an empty can that used to hold tomatoes. Add a little spray paint, an old belt, and have a Santa can. You can fill it with evergreen branches and berries or use it to hold all the Christmas cards that are piled next to the front door.

  5. Christmas Tile Plaque

    The options are endless as to what you can create if you have some tile, scrapbook paper, and some mod podge. I love this Christmas plaque. You can go for something elegant or you can go for something a little more funky. The sky is the limit!

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