5 alternative ways to use your $0.99 can of tomato paste


I’m sure you’ve heard of lycopene by now. It’s found in tomatoes and have been talked about in the media as a possible preventative agent for certain types of cancers.

While most of us eat our tomatoes, there are many things we can do with a tomato beyond our favorite dish. Considering that a can of organic tomato paste is around 99 cents and usually cheaper for the generic ones, it’s one of the cheaper solutions for your everyday needs.

Here are 5 alternative ways to use your store bought tomato paste:

1. Face mask. Tomato is known to lighten the skin, remove blackheads, soothe sunburn and help with acne. Use a tomato face mask to help with these needs.

2. Neutralizing Hair Dye.
Have you ever had green tint in your locks after a bad coloring job? Use tomato paste or ketchup to bring it back to a neutral color.
3. Natural Hair Dye. Just like it can help with a green tint, it can also offer a solution for your natural hair dying needs, should you want to go redhead.

4. Food Coloring. Whether it’s trying to add a red coloring to a cake or cookie, tomatoes are great alternatives to commercial food dyes. Remember when Starbucks was using bugs as a way to put red coloring into their drinks, now they’re using a tomato based food coloring instead.

5. Diarrhea. If you are having a bad case of runs, try mixing a can of tomato paste with a cup of water to help with the problem. If you’re having morning sickness, drink a glass of fresh tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper in the early morning.

I’m amazed that with a can of tomato paste which runs anywhere from 99 cents and below, you can get all these different solutions for your everyday needs. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Next time you make some spaghetti for the family, set some tomato paste aside for a nighttime mask!

(Source: Savings.com)

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