Savings Secrets: 5 Halloween “tricks” for the best costume at the party!


I used to not be a big fan of Halloween. I mean, what’s fun about having my kids get a big sugar-induced-coma for several days out of the year? Well I’ve quickly learned how to avoid that by stocking up on fun, “healthier” sweets, and we have a blast dressing up. 

Yes, I go all out with my kids, because let’s face it – Mom having fun with the costume bliss is pure fun for the kids and for Mom! 

There’s no reason the adults can’t have fun still. Just a kid’s holiday? Who says? I’m ready to dress up right along with them! Here are some tips that I use to come up with my own costumes. 
1. Go for an internet meme.
How fun would it be to dress up as the “Grumpy Cat or “Success Kid”? People don’t expect you to show up as an internet meme, so it’s always a fun conversation costume. 

2. Pick a theme to narrow down your choices. This is especially good to do if you’ve got quite a few parties to go to. Go with a British theme or Sci-Fi theme for the season. One day you could go as Captain Kirk, while you go as Luke Skywalker on another day. And ladies, you could always go with that Downton Abbey or Pride & Prejudice dress you’ve been dying to wear at least once!

3. Mix it up by combining a couple of different ideas into your own costume.
This especially makes it easy to find your outfit at the local Goodwill. For one party, I decided to go as Hipster Ariel, who’s also a Doctor Who companion (hence the fez on my head as seen above). The costume was super easy and inexpensive to throw together. 

4. Pick a job that would be fun to embrace for one evening.
Here are a couple of ideas: cattle farmer, milk man, news anchor, police officer, baseball player, airline pilot, or mechanic. 

5. Pick your favorite TV character. You really can never go wrong with picking your favorite TV character. And even going oldschool can be really fun. How about dressing up as Screech from Saved by the Bell, or Kimmy Gibbler from Full House? Steve Urkel would even be awesome, because people would think you dressed up as a Hipster! Yesterday’s beloved nerd is today’s Hipster, right?

With just a little creativity, you can have the most fun and unique costume this year! I’m interested to hear some of your suggestions for a great costume. Do you have any great ideas for a costume this year? Tell us about it. Oh, and be sure to also read 5 ways to get the best deal on a costume

Crystal Collins, a DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at


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