5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Left-Handed Children


Are you raising a left-handed child?  No worries.  With approximately 10% of the population being left-handed (including President Obama and many former presidents), more and more products are being made to accommodate the needs of left-handed individuals.

Back when I was growing up, there was maybe one kid in my class every year that was left-handed.  I distinctly remember that they were encouraged to write with their right hands.  To my knowledge, there weren’t any left-handed products to meet their needs, so they really had no other options but to use their right hands.

With a lot of research being done on left-handedness, more companies are seeing that there is a demand for left-handed products.  If you go to Amazon and search “left-handed,” everything from knives to guitars show up on the list.

If your looking to buy a gift for a left-handed child this holiday season, I have five gift ideas for you: MySpoon Left Handed Toddler Spoon – A perfect little spoon with the perfect amount of curve to help your child with self-feeding.  With less mess and more confidence in your child, this spoon is a definite winner.  Priced at $4.99.

Learn to Tie Left Handed Plus Four Bonus Scissors – If your lefty child is learning how to tie his or her shoes, this is the perfect gift to help them practice and have fun.  The shoe tie card also has portraits of famous lefties and their accomplishments on the back (so they also get a lesson on history).  On top of all that, it comes with four left-handed scissors (2 blunt and 2 pointed).  This gift has gotten some amazing reviews and is priced at $20.
Vtech V.Smile TV Learning System – The learning system helps teach math, spelling and more with educational games.  The joystick accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users.  So if you have a left-handed and a right-handed child, it can easily switch back and forth between players (no need to buy two learning systems).  The recommended age is between 3 and 7 years old.  Priced at $54.95 (other moms suggest buying it on eBay and Craigslist for up to 50% off).

Musician Novice Classical Guitar (Left Handed Model, 3/4 Size) – Do you have a musical genius?  If your left-handed child wants to learn how to play the guitar, this is great for them.  The 3/4 size is recommended for children ages 9 and 10 years old.  Not only is it perfectly sized, the nylon strings make for an easier learning experience (they don’t have to put too much pressure on their fingers). On sale for $79, it’s 47% off the regular list price.  Plus, you get a free Cherub Guitar Tuner, valued at $26.50.

Winfield Junior Force Package Set (Ages 5-8) – If you have the next golf superstar who is itching to hit up the greens, this is the perfect gift for them.  You have the option to choose between the left-handed and right-handed package.  From the rave reviews, this set is very high quality and is currently on sale for $99.95 (you save $120.05).  With free shipping and no sales tax outside of CA, this is a great deal for a set of high quality clubs.
Do you have any other gift ideas that may be perfect for a left-handed child?  Please comment below.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    My hubby is left-handed, not many choices back in the day. Nice informative and much needed article!

  2. laurammagee

    3 years ago

    Left-handed baseball glove. Essential for a true kid sport, whether they are going pro or just messing around and being a kid. Generally a price worthy of kids and expected use. Excellent for basics like learning to play catch in the backyard with Dad, too. Toddler through adult. For catch, T-ball, softball, and baseball.

  3. TheCouponChallenge

    3 years ago

    I LOVE this post! My daughter is a lefty and we’re already learning how difficult it can be to find products that work for her. Luckily, my husband is used to dealing with the challenges of a right-handed world.

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