5 Marketing Tactics That Prevent You From Being Healthy

These days we are becoming more and more conscious about the food that we put in our mouths. We want the best for our families and our bodies, so we do the best we can to eat healthy wherever we can.

But what if you were being duped by a marketer into thinking you were eating healthy? Would you feel like you wasted money? I would. Let’s talk about some marketing tactics that are preventing you from being healthy.

1. “Sugar Free.” 
Most sugar free products contain artificial sweeteners that can actually be worse for you. These artificial sweeteners are known to cause some or all of the following side effects: headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, memory loss, arthritis, brain tumors, weight gain, seizures, IBS, nausea, heart palpitations, abdominal pain, vision problems, kidney damage, possible cancer, inflammation, skin irritation, bladder issues, and even neurological disorders.
2. “Fat Free.” 
There are two issues with this: 1. Healthy fat is actually good for you, and recent studies are showing that a good amount of healthy fat in the diet helps the system metabolize faster and drop weight. 2. “Fat Free” usually means loaded with sugar and other carbohydrates that aren’t necessarily good for you. So while you’re eating something without fat, you’re loading up on bad carbs and a ton of sugar.
3. “Whole Grain.” 
Whole grain doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Many companies are using this as a tactic to make you think you’re eating healthy, but it’s not necessarily true. Whole grain products can still contain bleached products with brown color added in, and a few seeds sprinkled on top. This can qualify it as “whole grain,” but it’s not necessarily any healthier for you than a bag of white bleached bread.
4. “All Natural.” 
All natural is often used to make you think you’re getting a healthier product. There’s not a whole lot of regulation on what “all natural” means, so companies use it often and it doesn’t mean you’re eating something healthy. It can still contain GMOs, pesticides, and other chemicals.
5. “Diet.” 
We see the word diet and think healthy, right? This is wrong. Most “diet” products contain artificial sweeteners, and we know how unhealthy those can be. These things have never been proven to help with weight-loss, and usually the opposite is true. Many people that drink “diet” drinks often find themselves overweight.
Solution: Stick to raw and organic foods as much as possible. Healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil are good for you. Raw sweeteners like stevia, honey, or organic sugar cane are good for you. Make your own breads at home or be sure you’re reading those ingredient labels to make sure your bread is truly “whole grain.”

Just being aware of these five things will have you shopping smarter and spending your money more wisely.

Crystal Collins, a Savings.com DealPro, is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog at NaturalThrifty.com.

(Source: Savings.com)

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  1. FinanceCareEducation

    9 months ago

    In my opinion raw and organic foods gives us double profit. For e.g due to it is in raw mode it has very healthy and at reasonable price any purchaser can purchase from local market. And we all know nature is not money oriented and in it every product it puts all healthy ingredients with some cause. Keep in touch with nature and nature will make you a natural creator. Keep out some time from your busy schedule do some experiment in house for getting that specific test you get from branded products with false promises by your own way through natural way. I am hundred percent sure you will get a natural happiness and confident by that. Think about it when you are going for marketing recall these things to your mind.

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