5 money saving tips for Halloween decorations


Halloween is one of my favorite times to decorate my home. However, I hate to break the bank doing so. Here are my top 5 tips for saving money on Halloween decorations.

1. Reuse what you have on hand with some quick additions. You can make a cute Halloween centerpiece by taking a vase and a candle you already have and adding candy corn around it. Look at what you have and see how you can give it some Halloween flair. Tablecloths and sheets can have many creative uses too.

2. Do it yourself. You can easily make all kinds of simple and cute Halloween decorations on the cheap. Everything from using glow sticks and toilet paper rolls for evil eyes in your bushes to cute subway art with free templates. I even have some ideas on a my Pinterest board to get you started. 3. Use coupons. If you need some materials for your projects and other decorations be sure to check out Michaels and Joanne’s. Each usually have a 40% off coupon in the newspaper or if you have a smartphone they each have apps with the coupons. You don’t even need to print them. They will scan your smartphone right at the store! You can pick up candy for decorations with coupons at the grocery store too!

4. Consider dollar stores or the dollar spot at Target. You will be surprised at the cute things you can pick up for just $1.

5. Buy after the holiday. My absolute favorite way to save on Halloween decorations is to buy them after Halloween. I have bought unique and stylish Halloween decorations at little boutiques for 75% off after the holiday. Big box retailers often mark items down to 90% off about a week after the holiday. I caught the 90% off Halloween sale at Target a few years ago and stocked up on cute platters, plates and candy bowls.

Hope these ideas give you some inspiration on how to decorate for Halloween at bargain prices. Sometimes it takes just a little creativity and effort to make your Halloween vision a reality for less money. Happy Haunting!

Melissa Buckles is the founder of BargainShoppermom.com where she loves to help others
learn how to save money and live well. She sometimes isn’t frugal but she rarely pays full
price. She is also a Savings.com DealPro and teaches Savings Nation workshops that help
people learn how to save up to 50% off their grocery bills.

(Source: Savings.com)

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  1. ChuckG

    2 years ago

    Dollar General and Family Dollar would have cheaper stuff than I think Rite Aide or other drug stores.


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