5 rules to save on Black Friday


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The big shopping day is right around the corner, and consumers and retailers are already gearing up. The thought of pulling an all-nighter shopping with mobs of people can often scare people away from the deals on Black Friday shopping. Here are 5 tips to make you a Pro, get you in and out quicker, and back to the leftover turkey coma in a warm bed.

1. Make a list and stick to it.
Your Thanksgiving Day newspaper will have many of the Black Friday ads, but why wait? You can currently view most of the larger store’s Black Friday ads online at sites such as Blackfriday.com. Make your list and stick to it, avoiding those impulse purchases. 2. Research your items before.
Once you have made out your list, research your items online. Read other’s reviews to see if it is worth the money, time, and hassle. A bad product is a bad deal no matter how cheap.

3. Shop with cash.
Many stores offer additional discounts if you use their credit cards. Unless you are a disciplined person, stick to cash. If you head out with a high credit limit, you will likely come home items you don’t really need. Black Friday has a ripple effect that leaves shoppers thinking they need to purchase more because they see others with overflowing carts. Do this, and you will head down a slippery slope.

4. Compare prices and price match
When going through the ads, make sure you price compare. Many stores have the same items on sale, and it can vary in price widely. Know your stores policies and see if they will price match another’s Black Friday ad, or online price. Be sure to take your ads with you as most stores will need proof. Remember, just because it is on sale, does NOT mean it is a deal. If the item is only a few bucks lower than the everyday price, it is not worth my beauty sleep.

5. Map out your route.
Even though it is called Black Friday, this year, many of the stores are opening on Thursday night. Pay attention to the opening times of your stores, be aware if any of your items on the list are Early Bird Specials, and map out which stores to hit in order. It helps to have a shopping buddy. Then you can split up and each grab items getting in and out quicker. It also helps to have a second opinion for that perfect gift for someone special.

The last unwritten rule is to be nice. Remember, it is the start of the season to be jolly. The employees are taking time away from their family and festivities to be there for you. Don’t fight over the last Furby or pair of heels. Trust me; it’s not worth getting your free mug shot.

Thrifty Tiff, (Tiffani Taff) is a Military wife and mom to 4. She writes daily on tips and tricks to save you time and money while learning how to live and love life on a budget. She is a DealPro for Savings.com and teaches Savings Nation Classes to teach others how to save greatly on their grocery budget.

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