5 super tips for a great Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl XLVIII

Have you wanted to throw a Super Bowl Party but you aren’t sure you can make it as Super as the game? Do not fear, I will give you 5 tips to make your party epic! We love to host parties and events at our house and everyone leaves our party happy and full. Ok enough chit chat, lets do this!

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The Eats Food is the SINGLE most important part of a killer Super Bowl Party! Do not mess this up, but how do you know what to make? There is one sure fire way to make sure that there is something EVERYONE will like. Can you say “Pot Luck!” Pot Luck is the best way to make sure there is a huge variety of food and something that every guest will eat. It also spreads the expense of the party out a bit, don’t worry you will still spend plenty of money!

A good friend of mine has a traditional chili cook off each year, and I would strongly recommend against this. It doesn’t make for a lot of variety and most people will clear out after half time due to exhaust fumes. We generally assign families either an entree or a side dish and something sweet. It really takes the pressure off them to, so don’t worry about being bossy. We do make a couple entrees and side dishes of our own and trust me that is way better that trying to make a gazillion things. Want some Super Bowl Recipe Ideas?

I recommend shopping for Super Bowl food at Walmart to save the most money. Use their Price Match Policy to get other local grocery store deals all in one place. If you aren’t familiar with Price Matching I can teach you at I Heart the Mart.com

We provide all sodas and make a few sparkling drinks, our favorite is raspberry lemonade with sprite. We don’t buy any alcohol for our parties. There are two reasons, the main one is that we don’t drink alcohol and the second one is that you make sure everyone gets home safe. If you do drink and choose to have alcohol I also recommend telling people to bring what they want to drink. People tend to be pretty picky about their libations, so let them bring their own. It is also a great way to keep the cost down.

Big Screens
Notice that I didn’t say TV’s or Big Screen, I said “Big Screens!” I know not everyone has 2 Big Screens, but I live in Texas and pretty much everyone down here does. One in their garage and one in the house. I haven’t lived here long enough to have one in my garage yet, but I really want one. Right now is a great time to buy a Big Screen, there are a ton of sales and last years leftovers that you can find marked down.

I recommend Walmart and Best Buy for the best deals. Big Screens are defined as 55″ and up, your secondary TV can be 47″ or so but I wouldn’t go any smaller. You will have guest complaining that they are straining their eyes and they can’t feel the impact of the hits. More importantly people will not be able to see all the Super Bowl Commercials.

Since the Superbowl is the final two teams, most people don’t have a team in the game. If this is the case, then I think it is fun to split the room up so fans can pick a side. Families may be divided but that’s okay, this is the Super Bowl. Now, if you happen to have a team in the game, then you should take the “NOT IN MY HOUSE” mentality and put a black & white 19″ TV in a closet and label it the “Loser Room” for the other teams fans.

The Guests
Come one, Come all! I personally invite about 2 times as many people as I really want there. You will have people that come and go, so don’t worry about fire codes!

Follow these 5 tips and you will be a Super Bowl Party master!

Paul Ivanovsky teaches you how to save money at I Heart the Mart.com, 7 kids call him Dad and he is an avid sports fan.

(Source: Savings.com)

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