5 tips for leftover Halloween candies – Sell them to your dentist and more


Halloween is over and now you have to decide what to do with all that leftover candy plus the huge bags of candy your children brought home. There are quite a few good options plus you can give back at the same time.

One great place to take your candy is a dentist office that participates in the Halloween Candy Buy Back or Give Back program. Dentists “Buy” back Halloween candy from neighborhood kids, then send it to the troops overseas! You can find a participating dentist near you at the Halloween Candy Buy Back Website. You get that candy out of your home and you brighten the day of an American Hero. That is a win/win in my book. Another great use of the candy is to freeze or store it and use it in your kitchen for baking and other treats. Smashed candies are great in cookies, milkshakes or for sundae toppings. You could make your own trail mix with M & Ms.

Also the holidays will be here before you know it. Why not save some of the candy to decorate a gingerbread house? Skittles, Smarties, and more would be a nice addition to a gingerbread house and you are not out spending money on candy again in just a month. You could also make Christmas cookies that utilize some Halloween candy.

If you have a Noodles and Company near by, they have a great Candy Como promotion. Children 12 and under can bring bag a candy in and get free small bowl of noodles. Candy Coma is at selected restaurants from November 2nd-4th. Be sure to check your local location before you visit to make sure they are participating. This candy is donated as well.

If your kids need a little incentive to let their candy go, one option is having the “Candy Fairy” visit your home. She seems to be a relative to the Tooth Fairy. When my daughters were younger, they got to each keep 10 pieces of candy and then on November 1st they would leave the remainder of the candy for the Candy Fairy. She took the candy and left a small toy in its place. If your kids are too old for the “Candy Fairy”, you could consider buying it back from them yourself. It might be worth a few dollars to not deal with all that sugar in your home.

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