5 tips to put a little spring in your spring cleaning


Spring cleaning is a special time of year. When the temperatures start to rise, the days get longer and the grass and trees turn green. It’s a reminder to start cleaning the curtains, dusting hidden places in our homes and air out that winter air.

Sound like fun? Not exactly. Although spring cleaning is a happy time after the tasks are complete, it’s not quite on my list of top fun things to do each year. But this year that is changing. I’m going to show you how to enjoy spring cleaning this year to accomplish a clean home.

Here are five tips to put a little spring in your spring cleaning.

  1. Organize: Collect together your cleaning supplies and keep it simple. Have a small bucket filled with only the essential items such as sponges, all purpose cleaner, and towels. It is easy to transport what you need to clean anywhere in the house. It also makes quick clean-up when you are done. Organization is key to staying on task.
  2. Make a List: Create a detailed list of items that need cleaned in your home. Once your list of tasks is in order, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to accomplish. Simply having the list in front of you will help ease any anxiety you might have. You’ll know exactly what you need to accomplish. 
  3. Make a Plan: This year my sister-in-law and I are partnering to clean our houses. On the first Saturday we’ll spend the entire day together cleaning her house. On the second Saturday we’ll be at mine. We’re going to help keep each other motivated. The time will pass much faster while we do the tasks together. Plus, it helps to have someone to make you throw things out. There’s nothing like an impartial jury of your stuff.

    If doing the entire list of tasks is not something you can squeeze into your schedule, designate one cleaning item to accomplish each day. One item may only take an hour or two. Once it is done, check it off your list and do something else the rest of the day you truly enjoy. In the course of a month, you’ll be surprised how much cleaning you have accomplished and how a little time each day adds up to a lot of cleaning. 

  4. Turn Up the Tunes: Everything is more fun with music. Turn up your favorite tunes while you clean. It will keep you motivated and you might even move more quickly. If you are not into music, borrow an audio book from the local library or download that podcast you’ve been meaning to catch but have not had the time to listen to. Listening to a book while cleaning makes the time fly.
  5. Reward Yourself: When your list is complete, reward your hard efforts by making or purchasing something new that reminds you that you have thoroughly cleaned your home. It can be new placemats, spring towels, curtains, soaps in the bathroom, candles, or even a special decoration. Adding something new to the home makes the house feel fresh and clean.

With these simple tips you’ll add a little spring to your spring cleaning! You’ll be enjoying a clean home in no time at all.

Lynette Rice is author of CleverlySimple.com and BuehlersDeals.com. She doesn’t think saving money has to be complicated and shares her tips to help others keep it simple as they cleverly save. A stay at home mom to two growing boys, she uses her spare time to teach Savings Nation workshops to teach others how to save up to 50% off their grocery bill.

(Source: Savings.com)

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