5 tips to make more money at a yard sale


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After you’re done with spring cleaning, you’re left with a huge pile of things that you no longer need or want. You have the option to donate to a local charity, offer them to your family and friends, or you can have a yard sale to make some extra money.

If you have at least one day in your weekend to dedicate yourself to a yard sale, not only is it worth it, you may get addicted to this new found “business”. Here are 5 tips to make more money at a yard sale:
1. Advertising. Like anything you do, if you don’t advertise, you’re not going to get a lot of traffic. The day before your yard sale and the day of, post on Craigslist.org. You can also advertise on Penny Saver and Yard Sale Search. Make sure you title your posting with hours of the sale, a couple items that will be sold and a price range, “$1 and up”.

2. Signs. Even though people have GPS and can Mapquest your address, many people come from places up to 30 miles away. If you live in a cul-de-sac or on a hilltop with confusing street signs, you need to have signs that direct people to the right place. Have yard sale signs on both exits of the expressway, at every turn, on both sides of the big street turning into your neighborhood and one leading to you home. Another benefit of putting up signs is that you will get more people to come to your yard sale that just happen to be in or around the area.

3. Product Placement. From my 1st yard sale, I learned that you need to place your items in the correct spot to drive more people to your sale. Many people drive by to see if there is something they need and if they can’t eye anything, they move onto the next place. Popular items like furniture, books, CDs, children’s items should be displayed in the very front (that way, people can see it and get out of their car).

4. Pricing. Just because you bought it for $50 doesn’t mean you can sell it for $35. People who shop at yard sales want a good deal or they can just go to a retail store to do their shopping. I priced a book for $10 because it’s original cost was $75. I thought it was a great deal until a customer said, “if you price your books this high, no one’s going buy anything.” I say 50% off or more on new items and 75% off or more on used items. Of course, if you have a rare item that is  worth $1000, you may want to stick closer to what it’s worth.

5. Closing the Deal. If you’re customer is willing to buy 5 or more items and they want to get a deal, be flexible and open to negotiating a total price for the entire purchase. For me, if someone’s purchase totals $50, I will give them a $5 discount. The more people buy, the better for you (since you don’t need these items anyway).

Take these tips into consideration when you decide to throw your next yard sale. Happy selling!

(Source: Savings.com)

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  1. organicdeals

    2 years ago

    Great tips, we just did a yard sale on Saturday and used these!


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