5 ways to save more at Dollar Tree


Many people will tell you that one of the best places to shop for seasonal items, kitchen and party supplies is at your local dollar store. Their stores carry great products and best of all, each one will only cost you a dollar (some are even less).

A lot of their products have great reviews and can be found in big box stores for twice as much! Crowds of people are recognizing the value of the dollar store, as they have seen an increase in sales in the last few years, which allows them to increase product and get better brands.

Nationally known for being the biggest dollar store chain, Dollar Tree is one of the favorites and with over 4,000 locations, you are sure to have one in your area. Whether you are a new or frequent dollar store shopper, here are 5 ways to help you save:

1. Know your prices. Dollar Tree has some spectacular finds, but some items can be a bust. Knowing the price of what things should cost will help you when shopping at Dollar Tree. For example, Dollar Tree carries items like pool noodles, non brand name crayons, Campbells condensed soups, and other products. While you might feel like $1 is a good price, consider that you can purchase Crayola crayons for $.54 and Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup for $.98 at Wal-Mart.

While those deals might not be the best at Dollar Tree, other deals are. Party, teaching and craft supplies are a huge score at Dollar Tree. You can also grab 2 decks of playing cards for $1, while at Target they are about $5. Do not forget to count quality into the picture as well. The pool noodles at Dollar Tree are only $1, but they have a hard time keeping my 2 year old afloat. I might consider them for a craft project, but for a pool toy, I’d rather pay $1.88 at Wal-Mart.
2. Use coupons.
Dollar Tree has been accepting manufacturer coupons for just over a year now. Many of their stores carry a large variety of name brand products, and while $1 is a great price as is, you can often use a coupon to get items for less or even free. When using coupons, be familiar with their coupon policy and bring a printed copy with you when shopping in store.

3. Search Pinterest. There are several blogs dedicated to Dollar Store Crafts, and Pinterest will help inspire you! During the summer, you can score pool noodles for just $1 and turn them into beautiful wreaths. You can find Styrofoam balls and pyramids for half what they cost at craft stores, as well as faux birds and sometimes even large vine wreaths. They also carry fake flowers, green wire and tape, as well as an assortment of glitter glue. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, you can score big time with crafts at Dollar Tree.

4. Shop online. Dollar Tree carries a great variety of seasonal items, party supplies and more. Many times you will go in the store and find shelves have been cleared or only a few of the items you need. Brides might be looking for large amounts of candle sticks for center pieces, or an office party might need a lot of lei’s for their summer lua. If you are in need of a multiples of certain items, you can actually order bulk online.

5. Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your wallet. It’s really easy to walk into Dollar Tree for one thing and walk out $50 later wondering what happened. Dollar Tree has great items and products to offer but sometimes it helps to stick to a shopping list so you don’t get carried away. Research shows that when you go shopping without a list you spend on average up to 30% more. Go in with what you have in mind and set a limit on yourself.

Anna Tew is the author of Dollar Store Deals, a blog dedicated to great finds and coupon deals at the dollar stores. When she is not online you can often find her outside with her camera, playing with her little boy or enjoying a concert with her husband. To find some great deals at Dollar Tree, visit her blog!

(Source: Savings.com)

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