5 ways to save when having twins


Twins — double the fun, double the trouble! But is it also double the cost?

When I found out we were having twins last year I was overwhelmed with excitement. I couldn’t believe it, it seemed like a miracle. However, any parent of a twin will admit that along with the joy comes anxiety when you are expecting not one, but two (or more!) bundles of joy. Will we be able to cope with two? Almost immediately I began to do the math in my head, was it going to cost twice as much?

While there is no doubt that having a baby, let alone multiples, comes with a hefty cost, I was delighted to find surprising ways to save when you’re having twins. And while unfortunately I have yet to find any discounts on extra sleep for parents of twins, hopefully this will help ease the stress on your wallet.
Babies R Us

Registering at Babies R Us or buying baby furniture — keep in mind they offer a 10% twin discount. They define it as offering customers 10% off two or more of the same items purchased in the same order. When we completed our registry at Babies R Us, I told them we were having twins and they gave me an extra 10% off on top of my 10% completion discount — that was a significant savings!

Diapers & Wipes
The average family with twins will go through ~100 diapers per week. YIKES! This can cost a small fortune. Pampers, Huggies and Luvs, all offer coupons and discounts for multiples.

My suggestion — stock up! Buy in bulk and resist the urge to convenience shop for diapers at a local grocery or drug store where the cost is significantly higher then big box retailers. Of course there will always be the occasional emergency blow out that may require a quick fix, but plan ahead if possible.

Join a Local Twins Club

One of the greatest tips someone gave me was to find and join a local twins club. There are a ton of benefits to have people to share experiences and get advice from, but one thing I didn’t expect is that a lot people use these networks to sell or even hand down used items like toys, furniture and clothes. It’s like a private consignment network! And when you are done with your items, consider paying it forward to other newbie parents of multiples.

Don’t Double Up on Everything
The other thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need two of everything. There are some items that are necessary of course, like car seats for example. But when gathering items like swings and play mats, just get one and rotate the babies during play time. If you find they both really like a particular item, then consider doubling up. Some twins even share cribs for the first few months. I personally think they’ll like being close to each other anyway.

Cord Blood Bank Savings
Not every parent will make the decision to store cord blood, but if you are having twins and are considering this, definitely look into discounts. Several companies offer savings if the second baby is stored at the same time. Plus, some pediatricians suggest you many only need to store from one sibling. Before you make any decisions, talk to your pediatrician about this topic.

(Source: Savings.com)

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