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Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!  Did you go on a mini-vacation or score some deals during the big weekend sales?  I for one, went on a trip to Palm Springs.  All I did was relax.  My phone was off, never turned on my laptop and my brain was on vacation (this has never happened to me before).

Whether you went on short trip to the desert or simply got to sleep in for the first time, I’m sure the time off was spent nicely.  Our DealPros had an eventful week as well.  Everything from saving up to 50% on a vacation to discovering a garage sale that set up a “grocery store” with their stockpile (yikes!). 

Saving money on a vacation

How do you save money on a vacation?  Recently, Lauren of IamTHATLady went on her family vacation to North Carolina and she made an impromptu video on How to Save Money on Vacations.  Watch her video to see how she was able to rent an entire beach house on the beach for a reasonable price.

On my trip to Palm Springs, we took advantage of my husband’s hotel benefits because of his employment, and we ended up saving over 80% on a very nice suite.  This let us splurge on the dining aspect of our trip which came out to be more than our hotel stay. Selling your stockpile in your garage, Yay or Nay?

What would you do if you were going to a garage sale and ended up finding a mini-mart setup in a garage?  And even better, they were selling their stockpile obtained through the use of coupons.  This is exactly what happened to Kristie of Saving Dollars and Sense when she and her husband decided to stop at some yard sales for fun.  As she saw this unfold in front of her eyes, she reached out to her Facebook community on the Ethic Of Selling Your Stockpile.  How do you feel about people making a profit off of items they got for free?

Organization with children

Not sure, if the two go hand in hand.  But do you ever wonder how that soccer/ballet/swimming/croquet mom that lives around the corner with 4 kids keeps it together?  I do.  Staying Organized with School-Aged Kids sounds impossible, but with a few tips from Northern Cheapskate, it’s very possible.

Using the Dollar Tree to give you a Fall dining room table makeover

What?!?  I spend about 30 minutes each day to get design inspirations.  Most designs that I “pin” or “like” would cost me a fortune to duplicate.  I have very expensive taste.  I was shocked to see how Laurie from the Passionate Penny Pincher made Decorating On a Dollar At The Dollar Tree look so easy but even more surprisingly, look so elegant (you would think that it would look cheap, but she has definitely proved me wrong).  Her total cost was $12, but it looks like a million bucks!

Staying in season can keep your grocery costs low – Florida

As I continue to go on my newbie couponing journey, I keep hearing “buy in season”.  I definitely see how buying in season when it grows in abundance can keep costs down.  However, what if you have no clue what’s in season and what’s not.  In most cases, the prices will reflect that, but Saving the Family Money has compiled a list of September In Season Fruit and Vegetables for Florida.

Making your own laundry detergent, using Mod Podge to transform a formula can + Recipes

Laundry detergents cost a lot of money.  I read all the time that couponers score free laundry detergents or come close to it, however the kind of laundry detergent I use (Seventh Generation) hardly goes on sale and if there is a coupon, it’s for $1 off.  So how can you save on laundry detergent?  Watch The Thrifty Mama talk about Homemade Laundry Detergent: List of Recipes and FAQ.

Now I regret trashing those formula cans that I had leftover with my older daughter.  Who would have known you could Transform a Formula Can with Mod Podge.  Sarah’s Deals shows you how to do it step-by-step, and it makes for a cute pen or pencil holder.

I love me some salsa.  Who doesn’t love to dip some chips into some tangy salsa (yum!).  Check out Little House on the Prairie Living’s My Go-To Salsa Recipe (For Canning).  After you’ve made some, please ship me a jar (thanks in advance!).

Let’s top off the day with some Triple Citrus Pond Cake from NorCal Coupon Gal.  It’s her momma’s recipe so you know it’s going to be good.  I love anything citrus-y, so this is definitely something down my alley (I just have to veganize it because of my dairy allergies).

Here’s to another week of tips and a little drama from our DealPros.  Come back next week to see what they have in store for you!

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  1. JustHazel

    2 years ago

    Selling your stockpile in your garage, Yay or Nay?

    That’s a big ole NAY in my mind. I can’t even fathom it but I know there are people out there that sure would. Don’t know if I’d be able to keep my mouth shut if I happened upon a sale like that. Grrrr kitties!

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