6 fitness tips for your strong summer body


1. Give Yourself a Pull-up Goal
Make this be the “Summer of the Pull-up.” You can get there. Pull-ups are a great exercise to shape your back into that sexy machine you want it to be. Set a goal to be able to do one, and by the time you get there, it may also be time to buy more backless dresses. Remember in eighth grade when they made the girls do a bar hang instead of a pull-up? Do that! See how long you can hang there with a reverse grip on the bar. Next, see if you can pull yourself up an inch or two. Once that is easy, try doing little pulses for sets of 10 or 20. After a couple months, those little pulses will start to get bigger until you’re cranking out pull-ups.
2. Become a Jumping Freak

Jumping is an excellent way to move lymph fluid and clear junk out of your body, and jumping rope is an amazing way to crank up the intensity of any resistance workout. Toss in a minute of jumping rope with two other exercises and make it a high-intensity circuit. Even if you’re a horrible jump-roper, the flailing and cussing from whacking yourself in the arm with the rope is still a great way to increase intensity (and you’ll get better fast – third grade schoolyard skills come back like riding a bike).

3. Work on Your Nutrition to Find Your Abs

You don’t make abs in the gym; you make them in the kitchen. Many benefits can come from strengthening your core but a six-pack is not one of them. To show off your abs, you need to show off in the kitchen first by making the healthy food choices that will get you swimsuit ready!

4. Sprints!
A few times a month, grab a friend and head to the track. Performing four or five 50 – 100 yard sprints can make up your whole workout if you run full-throttle sprints. Rest between sprints and do them with a friend so you give them everything you’ve got. This may be the best exercise to strengthen your heart, legs and endurance. Don’t worry if you haven’t done sprints since Track & Field Day in the eighth grade, you can start off slow and build yourself up to full-throttle.

5. Don’t Be a Sissy
If you want people to cuss when they see you in a bikini, incorporating resistance training is great, but lifting heavy weights can get you there faster. Don’t be afraid of turning into Thor, it’s not in your chemistry. Lifting heavier weights will give you that lean, toned appearance you’re looking for.

6. Constipation Will Slow Your Weight Loss Attempts.
If your body can’t remove waste, that junk can be re-absorbed and eventually stored in fat cells. If you’re plugged up, putting effort toward correcting constipation can be more effective for weight loss than any workout.

Like most natural health experts, Tony Hale began his career in stand-up comedy. He is now the author of the Kick It In the Nuts series of natural health books, and Executive Producer of the groundbreaking documentary, Why Am I So Fat?, featuring names like Jane Lynch, Gunnar Peterson, Bill Phillips and NFL star Rashad Jennings.

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