6 last-minute Halloween ideas


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Whether you’re looking for last minute costumes or last minute crafts, you’ve come to the right place! Halloween is already HERE so hurry up and get started on these last minute Halloween ideas!

Paper bag costumes
Create a hula skirt, or a Native American or Explorer vest out of a brown paper bag. That makes the costumes easy AND free. Let the kids decorate it with paint or even permanent markers.

Posterboard costumes
Be a sandwich sign, a paper doll, or even a robot — decorate white posterboard with Sharpies and you’re good to go. Get creative!
Soda bottle crafts
Spray paint soda bottles black and add wings to make bats. Cut out the bottom and make 2 liter bottles into ghosts. The possibilities are endless with plastic bottles! Try milk jugs, too.

Easy desserts
Mix mini candy bars in with brownie mix for some fancy desserts that are easy to make. Cover with icing and crushed oreos for an extra special treat. Add milano cookies to make it a graveyard.

Yard decorations
Grab some overalls and stuff them with hay. Place them in a chair with a pumpkin on top for the head. Add a hat and some facial features and you have an inexpensive scarecrow!

At stake!
Grab some paint stirrers from Home Depot and cut them into a point. Stab them into the ground and put writing on them. Make an easy tombstone with cardboard or foam board.

What are you last minute Halloween ideas?

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