6 tips to stay on budget this Easter


This Easter, focus on time with your family and avoid going over budget when you follow a few tips. By planning ahead, and using items you already have on hand, you’ll enjoy a relaxed day of rejoicing with family and friends.

Reuse what you have from last year: Dig out last year’s baskets, plastic eggs, and even grass. There is no reason to spend money every year on a new basket. In fact, the kids think of their basket as their own personal “stocking” which is hung at Christmas.
Dye Eggs with Food Coloring:
Mix ½ cup of water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Add drops of food coloring until it gets to your desired color. Add your hard boiled egg to the coloring. When the egg becomes the color you desire, remove the egg and dry on a paper towel. There’s no need to buy a kit! For added fun, let the kids “color” or create designs on the eggs with crayon. The wax prevents the dye from penetrating the shell.

Have everyone bring a dish: When planning your Easter feast, have everyone bring a dish to share. You can supply the ham, without having to worry about all the fixin’s. Look for specials now on ham or eggs to help with the overall food budget.

Limit candy. There I said it. If the Easter basket is filled with goodies, there’s no need to add a piece to every single egg you hunt. Set the expectation that the hunt is for the fun. Add a piece of candy to a few prize eggs, and watch as your kids have fun guessing if they’ve found the treasure. To help the little ones compete against the older siblings hunting for eggs, assign a specific color of egg for each child to find. The younger the child, the more obvious hiding place should be. Everyone has fun and no one feels left out.

Use a smaller Easter basket.
The bigger the basket, the more you feel you have to fill it. By buying a smaller basket and by being intentional in your gifts, you’ll find you’ll stay under budget and also provide a gift that won’t get lost in the shuffle. Think about things your child might need to nestle in the basket: school supplies, socks, nail polish, or books.

Organize FREE Easter fun. There are many free apps and downloadable printables that include games for the children without any cost to you! Be creative in your search and you’ll have plenty to keep the kids occupied and having fun.

And if all else fails, hide the eggs again. My kids will hunt the Easter eggs over and over and over. In fact, they may enjoy hiding them for the adults! Enjoy the day and remember the reason for the celebration to keep your budget in check.

Lynette Rice is author of CleverlySimple.com and BuehlersDeals.com. She doesn’t think saving money has to be complicated and shares her tips to help others keep it simple as they cleverly save. A stay at home mom to two growing boys, she uses her spare time to teach Savings Nation workshops to teach others how to save up to 50% off their grocery bill.

(Source: Savings.com)

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