7 must-haves for a perfect Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed menu


If you want mom’s day a little extra special then you have to spoil her with breakfast-in-bed. Most moms are the first to get up and the last to eat. Amidst all the chaos, sometimes mommy just doesn’t get enough time for herself.

For this Mother’s Day, switch things up. Let her sleep in and wake up to the smell of her breakfast-in-bed. Clip a rose from the garden and place it next to her pillow. Treat her like the queen she is.

If you want to give her the best breakfast-in-bed, you must have these 7 things on the menu (you’ll thank me for it):
1. Protein.
What does your mom like? Eggs over easy, crab cakes, tofu scramble, turkey sausage patties? Get her what she loves.

2. Carbs. I love gluten-free waffles, but there are so many other choices including English muffins, blueberry pancakes, buttered toast or even a banana nut loaf. If your mom is not so much of a carb person, substitute it with something else.

3. Potatoes.
No breakfast is complete without potatoes. You have the option of tater tots, hash browns, and country fried potatoes. Make sure you have the ketchup and hot sauce ready to go.

4. Veggies. Whether it’s kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus or any other veggie, just put some garlic and olive oil on it, with a pinch of salt, and it will kick it up a notch.

5. Fruit. Cut up some mangos, add in a handful of blueberries, stick in some strawberries and make her a fruit bowl. Garnish it with some mint to add a special element to it. Have fun with it!

6. Juice. Orange juice is synonymous with breakfast, but you can offer so many other things. You can give her a green juice, mimosa, grapefruit juice and more. Just make sure you put some love into it by freshly squeezing them.

7. Coffee/Tea. Let her finish her meal by taking in the beautiful aromas of the cacao bean or green tea. It literally washes everything down and let’s her relax for the beginning of her day.

NOTE: If you’re not a cook, you can buy almost everything above packaged and ready-to-go, we’ll just keep it our secret.

If you have these 7 things on your mom’s breakfast-in-bed menu, she will not only enjoy her meal, she will feel like a queen. You can also create a homemade menu that you can place on her breakfast tray so that she knows what she is eating. Happy Mother’s Day!

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