7 things you must buy on Black Friday that are not electronics


When you think of Black Friday shopping there are certain items that come to mind. Things like video games, televisions and DVDs are plastered on every ad’s cover and the highlight of every sale. But hidden on the other shelves are some great deals on items you might not think about grabbing!

So while others are tugging on either end of a flat screen here are some of the things you might be able to stroll right in and grab:

1. Workout shoes.
If you use a workout shoe that is a big brand name, one of the major department stores might have your shoes on sale. Be sure you know what shoe you need before the doors open because there are usually a limited supply of certain sizes!
2. Wedding Gifts.
So many items that people register for when they get married are on sale. Toasters, blenders, food processors, irons, storage containers and more are hot items! Check your 2014 calendar and see how many ceremonies you will be attending.

3. Kitchen Appliances.
Is your mixer lime green and you can still remember who gave it to you in 1975 as a wedding gift? It might be time for an upgrade to something more energy efficient.

4. Graduation Gifts. Do you know someone who will need a coffee maker in their first apartment? Or new luggage for backpacking through Europe? Grab those gifts now.

5. Clothes. If your jeans are looking a little ratty, sleep-in a bit and then head out before the doorbuster deals are over. Things like jackets, jeans, sweaters and shoes can be deeply discounted and you don’t need to wait in line for hours to get them.

6. Freshen up the linens. Stores like Kohls, Sears and JCPenney will have great deals on sheets and towels. Look for things that are 50% off, anything less could be closer to a regular price than a Black Friday deal.

7. Stock Up The Toy Closet. While people are fighting over electronics, don’t forget the classic items. Board and card games, dolls and more will be on sale. Grab some good deals and store them for all the upcoming birthday parties.

So when you make your shopping lists this year, be sure to take a look around and grab your calendar. Your house and your friends might appreciate a few extra items on Black Friday!

Laura Oliver spends her spare time running around Chesapeake, VA doing community theater, playing at the park with her niece and nephew and shopping for books.  You can always find her at www.afrugalchick.com sharing the best deals around!

(Source: Savings.com)

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