8 ways to save at Office Depot


I am a self-confessed office supply junkie. You can only imagine how back-to-school time is one of my favorites because of the vast array of great office supply deals available. However, you can still get great deals throughout the year, especially at Office Depot. Here are some tips on how to save at Office Depot the whole year through:

1. Sign up for the free Office Depot Rewards program. Show your rewards card or give the phone number you signed up with at checkout to earn points every time you purchase ink, toner, paper and copy/print/ship products and services. You’ll get 10 points for every $1 you spend on those items. You’ll then receive a $10 rewards certificate for each 1,000 points you earn. When you spend $200 in a quarter, you become a Choice Member and then you’ll get 5 points for every $1 you spend on the product categories that you choose.
2. Recycle your ink cartridges and toner at Office Depot.
You’ll get 200 points in your Office Depot Rewards account for each one you recycle (up to 10 per month with a minimum purchase of $10 per month). It’s a great way to dispose of those safely and earn rewards by doing so.

3. Stock up when there are good deals available.
For example, right now is a great time to stock up on school supplies, especially when they are $0.25 or less. Make sure to note if there is an item limit for each one or else you may be paying a lot more for the additional items over that item limit.

4. Check your store for the clearance sections.
Some are located at an end cap towards the back of the store. Occasionally, you’ll see some clearance items towards the front of the store. In some instances, they may even be in a bin near the registers. A couple of weeks after the holidays, you can usually find stationary, cards, and seasonal items at a great deal less than the original price.

5. If there are no more left of an item you are looking for, ask them if they will sell you the display item. Many times, you can get those at a fraction of the cost because the box may no longer be available or it may be missing the instruction booklet (many of which can be found online now). You can also see if they have display items in the clearance sections. We have done this many times and sometimes have been able to get an additional amount taken off the price just by asking.

6. Use store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons to get an even better deal.
If you are ordering online, make sure to look for online coupon codes on sites like Savings.com. If your total purchase is over $50, you qualify for free shipping (next day delivery). Check their website if you are within their local delivery area. They also offer in-store pickup for many items on their website.

7. Ask your local store if they price match. They may match the prices from a competitor office supply store depending on the product and price. It’s best if you call ahead and make sure they will match prices. Make sure you bring the competitor’s ad with you. Ask them to hold the item you plan to price match for you to save yourself some additional time.

8. When you use the copy/print/ship center at Office Depot, you can save yourself time and possibly even money by submitting your jobs online before heading over to your local store. Check their store ad or online sites like Savings.com to see if there are coupons available for their copy/print/ship services. Sometimes it’s cheaper to have them copy your document instead of using up your ink if you plan to print many copies of one document.

So, if you are an office supply junkie like me, you can save money at Office Depot by shopping their sale ads, using store and manufacturer’s coupons, and earning rewards while you are at it. You can then turn around and use your rewards to help fund your office supply habit even more.

Maria Tiongco Ramos is the owner and content creator for A Savings WOW!, where she shows how to make saving money every day easier. Maria is a busy stay-at-home/work-at-home mom to four kids. She is also a Savings.com DealPro and teaches Savings workshops that help people learn how to save up to 50% off their grocery bills.

(Source: Savings.com)

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