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Amazon Android App Store Coming Soon

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at 7:56AM Thursday January 6, 2011
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Come one, come all.  It's the 2011 edition of the Yasar and Guy Show.  We're back from vacation (and by we I mean me) and ready to deliver your weekly dose of money saving tech news.  This week's post is for current and future Android users.
Yasar: Earlier this week, Amazon opened up its doors to developers to start creating Android apps for its AppStore.  The store should be opening up later this year and will be providing some competition for the Google App Store.  It's not going to replace the Google App Store, only give users an alternative.  Guy is going to fill you in on why anybody would use the Amazon AppStore over the Google App Store.

Guy:  The way the current Google App Store works is that anyone who wants to can create a an app and put it in the marketplace.  Google doesn't screen every app that comes into the marketplace, it waits until problems are reported.  Amazon plans on following Apple's lead and screening each app hoping to weed out the ones that don't work or have a ton of bugs.  This means that you'll be able to expect quality apps from their store without having to worry about buying junk

Yasar:  Amazon also has control over the price of each app.  There has been speculation that the apps could be cheaper than elsewhere which would be great for any Android users looking to save a buck (that means you!).  They also plan on having implementing their recommendation system they currently have on Amazon to recommend similar apps based on your Amazon history and your AppStore history.

Guy:  While all of this sounds fine and dandy, keep in mind that the store is not open yet and we don't know how well everything is going to work out.  They've just opened the door for developers so we'll have to see over the coming months how everything pans out.

Yasar: Great Point.  For more tech news check us out on Twitter @YasarSavings and @SavingsGCapes.