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Balanced: Save Money with Healthy Living

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Sarahndipitea)
at 12:03PM Tuesday August 10, 2010
under Money Saving Tips

Although Cranky Fitness hasn't been updating for quite some time now, I go back and read through the archives every once in a while. (I recommend you check 'em out, too!) A blog post from a little over a year ago entitled The Healthy Hedonist motivated me to share with you:

Five things Sarahndipitea has done lately that aren't bad for her, and have saved her money:
  1. I joined a gym. You may remember that a while back I joined a 24-Hour-Fitness. I am still enjoying the membership and working out at least three times a week. I am making cardiovascular progress, as well as a little weight-loss progress, which is what I set out to do. Taking care of myself now might cost me $30 a month, but the preventive health savings is immeasurable.

  2. I have increased my intake of vegetables lately. Instead of going to the local Farmer's Market, I have been having TheMister go to the local produce stores (there are ton in his neighborhood) and spending $4 for three heads of broccoli, four large carrots and two ears of fresh, sweet, delicious corn. Look around your neighborhood, or even search on Yelp for where you can find the cheapest produce, I encourage you to eat four servings of vegetables (or fruits) every day this week!

  3. I moved money to my savings account. While this isn't health-specific, it is healthy to have a savings cushion in your life. Financial experts suggest saving three to six months salary as an emergency fund "just in case" and I am nowhere near that. With a little hard work and dedication, however, I can make a dent in that nonexistent savings account and protect my mental health.

  4. I saw a doctor. I made yearly appointments with new physicians and asked them to help me take care of myself. I start acupuncture next week and am sleeping better thanks to a new medication. Preventive medicine is cheaper than treatment for most conditions, and so while I have to pay that $25 copay right then, it saves the cost of a surgical procedure later in life.

  5. I am enjoying a hobby. I love to take photographs, and with the digital camera age that we're living in, taking and editing photographs can be an essentially free hobby. There are many sites you can find inexpensive digital cameras at (use to find coupons too!) and once you have the camera, it more often than not comes with the software to do basic editing. Other inexpensive hobbies? Reading, writing, doing puzzles, playing board games, and spending time with friends--all of which help keep your mind healthy as well as entertained!

What have you been doing lately to keep yourself healthy and in financial balance?  Let me know in the comments!

When Sarah's not writing for, she's sitting in a tall chair in a construction consulting firm either editing requests for proposals or calculating cash flow on hundred-column Excel spreadsheets. You can also find Sarah at WEGO Health as the Women's Health community leader or writing at her personal blog, Sarahndipitea.