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Beauty Tips for Surviving Your Valentine's Day Date

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at 9:58AM Wednesday February 9, 2011
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Valentine's Day is around the corner and whether you are going on a romantic date or a fun getaway, you always gotta make sure you look your best. Don't weigh down your purse with every beauty product you own just in case a beauty emergency strikes. Instead, pack some portable necessities to help keep you looking and feeling fresh at any moment.

When your date night comes around and you're looking picture perfect, be sure you have these beauty survival items in handy to keep you from looking schlumpy.
Keep your breath smelling fresh from appetizer to dessert with Colgate Wisp. According the their website, "Colgate Wisp is a single-use mini toothbrush with a breath-freshening bead that allows you to have a clean, fresh mouth anywhere, anytime--no water or rinsing required."

There's no need to carry around your perfume bottle when you can get perfume pencils that smell nice and are super compact (and you don't have to worry about anything spilling!). Try A Rather Novel Collection Fragrance Pencil from Anthropologie. The scents aren't overwhelming and will keep you smelling irresistible. Simply dab or glide the pencil on your pulse points -- the wrist, behind the ear, crook of the arm and knee, base of the throat.

If your skin needs a bit of a radiant boost, don't keep re-applying face powder. Instead, spritz your face with a face mist, like Lather Cucumber & Ginseng Facial Mist, to refresh and even out any clumpy makeup buildup around your eyes, mouth or frown lines. Mist the spray over caked-on areas and use a rounded sponge to gently roll over any settled makeup.
The Palladio Oil Absorbing Rice Papers are great because they aren't messy, super compact and have a light dusting of powders. It's a two-sided tissue made with (yup, you guessed it) rice. One side is matte for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the other side has a thin layer of powder for finishing. This is a must-have for any special occasion. There's no need for powders or concealers because they can leave your face feeling cakey. And best of all, they are very inexpensive at $4 a pack.

Carry a tinted lip balm to keep your lips soft and ready to be kissed. Choose something sweet, but not overpowering or sticky. Lipsticks can stain clothes or create a mess on drinking glasses, but if you decide to go for lip color, choose one that is long-lasting and won't smudge or fade (you don't want your date wearing your makeup). A great one to try is L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick. It lasts up to 16 hours and comes with a lip conditioner that you can reapply to keep your lips moisturized.

What are some other beauty items that you might want to have handy for a Valentine's Day date night? Share it with us below.