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Behind The Scenes: Employee Spotlight with Allegra

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at 11:30AM Friday May 18, 2012
under Loose Change

This week, we're rolling out a new part of our "Behind the Scenes" look at the company, where we spotlight different employees in our company. While some of these people are more visible on our site (such as myself), the deals on our site don't just find themselves, and we have lots of help making sure our site stays current. We pride ourselves on having an incredible group of people working here at Savings and the drive and dedication they have to their job. First up in our series is Allegra Ringo. If her name looks familiar, it's likely because you've talked to her over in our Community! She currently serves as Community Manager for, where she gets to interact with our favorite members on a daily basis.

Allegra took a moment from her busy day to put down the cubicle wall separating us (only kidding, we don't actually have cubicles in the office) and chat with us.
1. Where are you from? Costa Mesa, CA

2. Why I love "the frugal lifestyle" and I hate paying too much for things. I try to live non-wastefully, and I try to minimize my participation in consumerist culture.

3. So... what is it you'd say you do here? I would say I'm the onsite community manager, and my hire documents would back me up on this one. I manage our onsite community, specifically our forum.

4. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work? I love writing sketch comedy - I write for a weekly topical sketch show. I'm also a beginning soprano singer. Most importantly, I'm NUTS for small dogs (as anyone at Savings will attest to).

5. Best deal you've ever gotten? I got a gingham dress at a Goodwill in Hawaii for $1. That was seven years ago, and I still wear the dress - and get complimented on it- all the time!

6. What do you like to splurge on? I like to splurge on fancy dinners and road trips once in a while.

7. Who's your spirit animal? I just found out that it's a hawk. I took an online quiz to determine this. I expect to be compensated for the high level of research that went into this answer.

8. MAC or PC? I prefer using a Mac, but I'm not one of those people who would take a bullet for Apple.

9. Favorite cultural influences? Site: The Hairpin. Book: Dark at the Roots by Sarah Thyre. TV show: The Twilight Zone. Movie: Head-on.

10. Why Los Angeles?A large percentage of the activities, places and people I love are here. I like going to comedy shows and screenings of old movies. I love film history. I love that small dog ownership is rampant here. Many reasons!