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Best Free Apps for Foodies

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at 8:57AM Tuesday October 4, 2011
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Who doesn't like to eat? I'm a big time fan of eating out and we all know that can put a dent on your wallet. If you read my blog about fine dining without breaking the bank, you know that there are ways around paying high prices at nice restaurants.

But what if you are out on the town and all you have is your smartphone? Well, read on to get the top five free foodie apps.


This popular location based social network which started in 2009 has grown exponentially in just two years. There are well over 6 million users on the network, all vying to be the next mayor of a place or to unlock the next badge. Foursquare is free to download and available on smartphones. The best feature is the ability to unlock deals. Yep, sometimes when you check into a restaurant, you can unlock 10% off your meal or even get a free drink. Just for checking in! It's also great for finding your friends who might be nearby and reading up on tips that other users have left. That way you won't be left ordering the dry roasted chicken because someone else has already advised against getting it.


We've all heard of Yelp. Their motto is "Real people. Real reviews." and it really holds true. If you want to know how a restaurant really is based on real experiences, then go to Yelp. Businesses are ranked from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being stellar. With the Yelp app, you can look up places nearby and read the reviews right there on your phone. There's also a monocle that you can hold up and it will list all the restaurants nearby! How cool is that? If you are a regular at a location, you become the duke or duchess so when others check in, they'll know who to bow to. Sometimes you can unlock special offers just for checking in. Once I got 10% off my bill for a restaurant which was already decently priced. Not bad at all!


Ever been driving down the street when a certain craving hits? You know this particular restaurant can get busy at the time you want to go. No problem, open up your Opentable app and make the reservation directly on your phone. An added bonus is the 100 points you'll get just for doing so. Yes, it's free. And when you reach 2,000 points, you can cash it in for a $20 check to redeem at any restaurant on the Opentable network. There are even reservations that rack up 1,000 points per reservation, so you can reach your 2,000 point goal with just two clicks. The whole process takes less than one minute which sure beats being on hold for someone to pick up at the restaurant.


What happens when you see a restaurant that you're interested in but don't know what they serve? Enter Menupages. This handy app displays the menus of thousands of restaurants right on your phone. No need to search Yelp reviews to figure out exactly what you'll be in for. The restaurants are listed by cuisine which makes it easier to search. It even displays the price so you can make sure the establishment is within your budget.


Have you ever gotten sick of looking through various sites just to find the best deal? Bitehunter has done the work for you by aggregating all the best deals in your area. Think of it as a for restaurants. Bitehunter will show you all the deals from,, or a restaurant's website, Twitter or Facebook account. How nifty is that? And if you are indecisive you can also just pull up the map and see all the restaurants nearby offering special deals.

What are some of your favorite foodie apps? Do you use any of the ones listed?