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Billeater: Used Cars, Used Books and Other Things to Never Buy New

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at 8:56AM Wednesday July 20, 2011
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Did you ever look at a jar and think, "That's worn out"? Glass objects, like many other things, simply don't "wear out." And even if they show a little wear, it's perfectly acceptable to use them anyway. This means that you can buy them already used. Why spend two dollars on the same jar that you can get for fifty cents or less, used?

There are other things you should never buy new:
Books. Unless you need a special book, never buy a new book. Borrow them from the library or if you do buy books, never buy them new. You can pick up the most popular ones for very little second hand within a few weeks of their publication.

CDs and DVDs. Again, it has to be pretty special to command the new DVD price. Popular ones are easy to find not long after their release.

Holiday Items. Anything having to do with a holiday, like sweaters with prancing reindeer, silk bouquets of spring flowers and cloth napkins that say "Happy Thanksgiving!" Since these things are seasonal, they get very little wear.

Baby Clothes. Babies don't stay babies very long and certainly not long enough to wear out their clothes. Some baby clothes donated to a thrift shop or put in a consignment store have never been worn!

Houses. New houses are of less quality overall than old ones. Why pay premium prices for a shabbier product?

Automobiles. They lose their value quickly when bought new. A good second hand car will last longer than its payment book. Get a mechanic to look it over before buying, if you can.

Hand Tools. It's easy to see if they're too worn to be of use. If you use hand tools at all, you will know what to buy. Garage sales are great for buying these second hand.

Recreational Vehicles and Equipment. People who are into those things upgrade regularly, leaving their old vehicles and equipment for you and me. "Old" is relative; RVs usually don't have many miles on them although they may be old in years.

Sports Equipment. Either it's totally worn out or it's almost brand new. People buy equipment with the intention of using it, but often forget those good intentions.

Exercise Equipment. You know...the exercise bicycle that becomes a clothing rack, the tread machine that the cat sleeps on. If anyone puts one of these out at a garage sale, check it over and if it looks good, grab it. You won't find it new for such a great price.

There are other things and you'll soon get in the swing of it. If you're not sure, imagine an item unwrapped from the store and put in use for a couple of weeks. Is it any better than what you can get for half price or less? Probably not, so why pay full price?

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