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Buddy the Elf and the Top 5 Hot Holiday Toys for 2011

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at 9:56AM Thursday December 15, 2011
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Buddy is an unusual elf at Santa's workshop. He's taller than most elves because, well he's not a real elf. He's human. When Buddy was a baby, he accidentally hitched a ride on Santa's sleigh one Christmas night. (Like, who wouldn't want to ride Santa's sleigh just once?)

Buddy was raised by an elf who taught him the most important skill an elf can learn--how to make toys! This year Buddy worked hard on making the Top 5 Hottest Christmas toys for kids.
LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer for ages 4 - 9.

Voted the #1 hottest Christmas toy for 2011 this little kid-friendly tablet is both educational and entertaining. LeapPad holds a library of over a 100 games, videos, digital books, and applications. Tablet contains a curriculum that adjusts to a child's learning pace. Make subjects like reading, math, music, art, health, and science fun!

Also includes a built-in camera and video recorder. Touch pad to use with finger or if your child prefers, stylus pen included. LeapPad comes in accents of green or purple.

Priced at $99.99 at Sears.

Fijit Friends for girls ages 6 - 12.

Buddy Elf likes to laugh and this doll-toy is perfect for young girls who like to giggle. Fijit Friends responds with over 100 built-in jokes and phrases. Poke or squeeze Fijit's soft skin and this high-tech toy will mimic human-like movements.

Includes voice recognition, music and beat detection abilities as well as original songs.  What girl wouldn't make Fijit her new next best friend? This trendy Christmas toy comes in yellow, blue, purple and pink.

Priced at $39.97 at Walmart.

Ultimate Bumblebee
Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee for boys ages 5 - 12.

Boys like cars. Boys like robots. You can't go wrong with this toy adapted from the movie, "Transformers." Bumblebee robot mode has light-up eyes and a flip-down battle mask. Push a button and Bumblebee's arms, head and wings move. Also fires cannons.

In car mode, hear Bumblee's engine rev up, horn honks and car alarm sounds off. Battle is on! Toy car-robot communicates through speech and music.

Priced at $99.99 at Toys R Us.

Let's Rock Elmo for ages 18 months - 4.

A favorite Christmas toy for small tots is anything and everything to do with Elmo. This interactive toy plays the drums and tambourine. Hand Elmo a small microphone and he will belt out one of half-a-dozen pre-programmed songs. Your preschooler will play for hours singing and dancing to Elmo's rock beat.

Rock Elmo guitar, Cookie Monster keyboard and Grover's microphone sold separately.

Priced at $49.84 at Kmart.

GoGo My Walking Pup

FurReal Friends Go Go My Walkin' Pup for ages 4 years and up.

Interactive pet barks, wags its tail and walks guided by a remote control lease. A realistic pet that whines and pants is one of the hottest Christmas toys on the market. GoGo Pup even notices when you enter the room by barking at you. Your child will have hours of fun with GoGo Pup.

Priced at $44.99 at Target.

The hottest Christmas toys are selling out fast. Which toy do you plan to buy for your child this Christmas season?
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