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City Pockets: Organize All Your Daily Deal Site Purchases in One Place

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at 9:56AM Tuesday May 3, 2011
under Product Review

In this day and age where daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial are popping up left and right, deal hunters now have access to hundreds of daily deals in their inbox every morning. With these deals flying past consumers at lightning speed, it can be very easy to lose track of a purchased deal, only to have it rot away in world wide web.

There have been plenty of times when I spontaneously bought a daily deal, forgot about the deal, and my voucher eventually expired. Over time, I learned my lesson and became very reluctant about purchasing daily deals with the fear I'd forget about them and lose rather than save money.
CityPockets provides an easy and simple way to manage vouchers from multiple daily deal sites all from one place. Once you enter your  information from each coupon site, they import your active vouchers and sort them by coupon site, category, or expiration date. They will also send out an email reminder when a deal is expiring soon.

After signing up, users can easily see or print their vouchers without being redirected back to the original coupon site. They can also view their vouchers from their phone if they're on the run. The deal organizer is clean, easy to use and best of all... it's free.

Recently, they've added a marketplace where people can buy and sell active daily deals. This is a great tool for users that no longer want a deal they bought or is expiring soon and for those that may have missed a deal they were interested in.

When all is said and done, I would recommend CityPockets to anybody who shops on daily deal sites. It's a useful tool that is very clean and easy to use. After discovering this product, my daily deal shopping confidence was restored; I was able to efficiently organize and store my deal vouchers without the fear of them expiring. Although it does take a little effort to provide your information for all of the daily deal sites, it is well worth your time. I'm sure glad I have CityPockets!

How many deal vouchers do you have waiting to be used?