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Fraud Alert: Illegal Couponing In Phoenix

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at 10:58AM Wednesday July 11, 2012
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Arizona is home to many things: politically conservative laws, my grandparents, and the latest couponing scandal. This morning, three women were arrested in a "first of its kind" case in the US, as eBay sellers that were involved in an elaborate counterfeit coupon scheme being called the largest discovered by authorities. The outcome? Stores and manufacturers lost millions of dollars, no small amount of change.

Like me, you may be left wondering, who can you trust? An increasing number of us are looking for value and savings, relying on trusted sources of deals, but wondering where the value is, if the trust is taken away. Don't let yourself be swindled.

1. Safeguard yourself. Couponing fraud takes many different forms, and hurts everyone.Make sure you're going with a reliable source to save. One place to start is by joining our community of DealPros, a well-known and respected group of bloggers that are not only savvy, but ethical.
2. Be educated. If you're not sure what exactly is legal or illegal in the couponing world, then it's time to get educated. There are a number of resources available, whether it's reading a blog article or taking a couponing class in your neighborhood. We're committed to helping our users be smart shoppers, and several months ago launched SavingsNation, which connects you to a local DealPro who teaches you how to save, while keeping your morals intact.

3. Clip or click. Did you know it's illegal to purchase coupons? Unless you're clipping them yourself, or clicking for an offer on a coupon site, you could be breaking the law. If you're not sure whether or not the coupon you have is legitimate, check out the Coupon Information Center's Fraud List.

A few of our DealPros have also written up a brief list of tips and tricks on how to save money without risking jail time, which you can find below:

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