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Free Benefits of the Sony Playstation Hack

By (view all posts by GuyCopes)
at 9:56AM Thursday May 12, 2011
under Loose Change

We know what you're thinking. What a weird thing to say about an issue that has crippled the ability of millions to get their money's worth out of the PSN network. But, thanks to a timely response from Sony, some promised make-up gifts to affected gamers, and clever workarounds, there is indeed some form of silver lining to this whole debacle.
Guy: As we mentioned briefly a couple of weeks back, Sony's PSN network online service has been down for some time as a result of a hacker attack.

More specifically, the Playstation Network (PSN) has been down since April 20 .  It went down due to a security breach where 77 million users had their personal information hijacked (including names, addresses, email addresses, birthdays, usernames and passwords, and possibly credit card info).  It is suspected that the attack was done by the "hacking activist" group known as Anonymous.

Yasar: During this dark period (of nearly a month), Playstation users have been unable to access online gaming, music, and even streaming services like Netflix.  PS3 users have every right to be upset about the breach, but for those who are trying to see the glass as half-full, we've got just the stuff to fill that glass.

The first thing that will be of use to you is that you can still use Netflix.  There is a simple little trick you can use to get it to connect.  First thing you do is try to start Netflix and try logging onto the PSN network.  It'll fail.  Try a second time, and you'll fail again.  When you try the third time--Voila, you'll be able to connect!

Guy: Now let's get to all of the stuff Sony is going to give you for free once the network returns.  We're not going to give you an estimate because Sony keeps changing it.  According to the Washington Post, Sony will be giving you "a year of free identity theft insurance through Debix, an online security firm, to all those who register by June 18."  That's the least they could do for letting random people steal all of your information.

The next thing Sony is going to give you is a free month of Playstation Plus.  If you were not a Playstation Plus member before the outage, have no fear--you'll still be getting the free month.  Everyone will also be given the choice of two free PSN games.  You'll be given five to choose from if you're a PS3 user and four to choose from if you're a PSP user.

So that about covers all of the freebies. What do you think? A good response or could they offer more? Let your voices be heard below.

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