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Freebie Corner: 3 free boxes of Monkey Bars

By Guest Blogger(view all posts by Jackie.Simione)
at 6:00AM Saturday June 22, 2013
under Freebies

Believe it or not, it's actually been a slow week for freebies. There is a great offer if you're a bride-to-be. You can get yourself a key chain with your new name engraved in it for free. Just make sure you follow their instructions on how to get it and claim it this weekend.

You can get 3 free boxes of Monkey Bars and Lysol Touch of Foam this week if you live in specific areas of the country. Eventually they will it open up to everyone, but for now you have to enter your zip code to see if you qualify.

Sign the kids up to get their own freebies too. Join Geoffrey's Birthday Club so they can get some birthday freebies. You will definitely want to print out some Ratatouille activity pages from Disney for a rainy day. The kids can also get a reminder call from Mike or Sully (Monster's University) reminding them to take a potty break. You have to admit the kids will love that!

Freebie #1 - Lysol Touch of Foam Sample - Offer from Target, and they're rolling it out slowly. Click on "Request Sample" and enter your zip code to see if the freebie is available in your area.

Freebie #2 - Three Boxes of Monkey Bars - Fill in the form to see if your area is included to get three free product coupons by mail. If not, you'll see a message that states when the freebie offer is available in your area, they will mail you a coupon for 1 free box. 

Freebie #3 - Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid - Fill in the form to get your samples.

Freebie #4 - Potty Reminder Call from Mike or Sully (Monsters University) - Scroll down their page to schedule your potty break reminder phone call.

Freebie #5 - Bottle Opener - You must be 21 or older to claim this freebie. Log in or register to see the offer under "My Black & Mild" on right of their page.

Freebie #6 - Engraved Key Chains for Brides To Be - On their wall: "Brides To Be - Visit A Things Remembered Store on Saturday, June 22nd & Sunday, June 23rd, and get a Personalized Gift From Us - Your New Name Engraved on a FREE Key Chain Tag!" Follow the instructions in their post to get the freebie.

Freebie #7 - BIC Atlantis Pen - It is an instant win game BUT there are 100 winners each hour and you can enter hourly between 8am EST - 10pm EST. Giveaway ends July 14, 2013. I think the chances of getting one are pretty good.

Freebie #8 - Geoffrey's Birthday Club - For kids 10 and under. On your child's birthday he/she will receive a birthday card and special gift from Geoffrey in the mail. They'll also receive a happy birthday phone call from Geoffrey. You can go to a Toys R Us store on, or near, your child's birthday for some extra-special attention, including a birthday crown, Geoffrey balloon and a personalized announcement broadcast to the entire store.
Freebie #9 - Printable Ratatouille Activity Book - Offer from Disney. 19 pages to keep the kids busy on rainy days.

Freebie #10 - Ring Sizer - Make sure you click on "Get a Free Ring Sizer" BELOW the ring sizer offer that you would have to pay $15 for.

Jackie lives in Seattle, her blog is Free Hot Samples. Where there are hundreds of freebies & deals up for grabs.