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Gift Ideas for New Mothers Inspired by the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie

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at 9:56AM Thursday December 1, 2011
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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen finally got married. The bittersweet human-vampire love affair now an eternal commitment, well, on Edward's part. He is immortal after all. Bella is human, mortal when she met Edward (if you want to know what happens to the couple, go see the movie, no spoilers here). To birth a human baby quite an undertaking, but birthing a half-vampire baby, well, that is just insane. Bella needs a break.

Here are some great gift ideas for new mothers.
Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo
Send a Meal

Bella eats natural cooked foods. Her husband Edward and in-laws hunt for wild game. Bella then is stuck at home with uh, an empty refrigerator. No worries, with Edward can order a whole week's worth of dinner for Bella.

Lasagna, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Shrimp Alfredo and even Pot Roast (2 to 4 servings), prepared meals delivered right to their front door. Choose from appetizers, soups, main meals and desserts--makes the perfect gift for a new mother.

Prices vary depending on food selection.

Cub Club Cozy Rocking Chair
Cub Club Cozy Red Rocking Chair at

Like every new mother, Bella needs to take the load off her feet. She needs a grown-up rocking chair. Cub Club posh rockers are kid-friendly.

Rocker is extra wide, made of safe foam with a safety tip-over stability. Bella can sit, relax and rock the day away. Chair also comes in blue or tan and leopard print.

Priced at $69.99.

Breaking Dawn Book

Books from Book of the Month Club

Bella is a klutz. Uncoordinated, not good in sports, but she likes to read. She can choose from the top 100 best sellers as well as fiction, nonfiction, biography, literature, history, mystery titles. Whatever suits her, she will find it here.

With membership save up to 30% off Publishers' Edition prices.

Charter Club Velour Hoodie & Lounge Pants at Macy's

Charter Club Sweat Suit

Bella is a tomboy. She likes to wear hoodies and jeans. As new mother, Bella would enjoy lounging in a two-piece velour sweat suit.

Set includes comfortable long-sleeve zip-up hoodie with faux trim, easy fit and is very soft. Pants are straight leg, mid-rise with elastic waistband.

Hoodie retail price $59.00 on sale for $37.99 until 12/07/11.
Pants retail price $59.00 on sale for $37.99 until 12/07/11.

What are you favorite gift ideas for new moms? Have you seen "Breaking Dawn Part 1" yet?
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