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Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to BedHead Pajamas

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at 10:00AM Friday May 18, 2012
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If you've somehow managed to avoid the news this week, not to worry; I'm about to bring you up to speed on the top three items that crossed my radar faster than you can say "Twenty-four hour news cycle". The Internet has been buzzing since Facebook's announced in January that they would go public.  As of this morning, it's officially listed on NASDAQ and debuted as the third-largest IPO in history.

Meanwhile, the LA Times reported that coffee has been linked to a lower risk of death. As a huge fan of coffee, I was thrilled to see this headline. Upon further reading though, I realized that this referred to folks who drank six or more cups of coffee a day. So much for my morning latte making a difference. Yesterday, legendary pop singer Donna Summers passed away from cancer at her home in Florida. Over the span of her career, she had 32 singles that charted in the Hot 100. If you're going out this weekend, throw on "Last Dance", and save this one for Donna.
Changing gears just a bit, it's time for our weekly giveaway! Last week, our friends at Folica gave us a Sedu Icon Styling Iron to giveaway, to make sure your coif is ready for your close-up. So get ready to iron out those kinks, 'cause we're about to announce our lucky winner.

Congratulations to user paperdoll, your about to join the world of shiny tresses usually exclusive to animated Disney princesses. I've sent you an email with all the details, but if you haven't received a note by next Tuesday (the 22nd), send me a shout-out at

I'm not one for prancing around my house in matching monogrammed pajamas and a parasol, but it's in my five-year plan. Regardless of your sleepwear preference, how can you resist cashmere? Bedhead Pajamas carries a wide selection of luxury pajamas, cashmere bathrobes, and fuzzy slippers, and this week, we've got a $50 gift card to give away!

To win, leave us a comment below by midnight on Thursday, May 24th. We'll announce a winner next Friday. Good luck!