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Happy Hamburger Month: The Top 15 Burger Bloggers

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at 11:42AM Tuesday May 1, 2012
under Stuff We Like

Happy National Hamburger Month!

Pull up any online calendar, and you're sure to see holidays galore. Whether it's an actual holiday such as Christmas or New Year's, or is overly specific to the point of making your head spin (National Vanilla Cupcake Day on November 10th, anyone?) there's a holiday for everyone.

While we could celebrate a holiday each day and month, that seems utterly ridiculous. However, sometimes there's a fun "fake" holiday that we can't help but get behind. Today kicks off National Hamburger Month, and since Labor Day cookouts and summer are just around the corner, we decided to celebrate by spotlighting our favorite foodie burger blogs.

From gourmet burgers to veggie burgers and the basic grilled burger, whatever your preference,  there's a burger for you! Using our "Hunger Rating" algorithm, we looked at the quality of content related to hamburgers, and the hungrier we got, the higher we ranked the blog!

Without further ado, our favorite 15 burger bloggers...

1. A Hamburger Today Think you know all there is to know about a simple beef patty slapped on a bun? Think again. Thankfully, "The AHT Guide to Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers" is here to teach you the basics. I'll take a "Fancy-Pants Burger" with aioli and a Brioche bun, please.

Final Score? 10/10

2. Burger Beast From the latest reviews of burgers at restaurants and food trucks, to covering comfort food favorites, this blog is a great place to look if you're wondering where to stop when you've got a craving. We also gave them points for highlighting daily deals for food and eateries.

Final Score? 9/10

3. Burger Junkies If your measure of a hamburger consists only of whether or not you enjoyed it, then Burger Junkies might be a little too in-depth for your tastes. Diving into the greasy details, you'll see each restaurant rated on a 5-point scale from "Burger Juiciness" to the "B Factor", described as "that je ne sais quois, that something special about the experience".

Final Score? 9/10

4. The Hamblogger With the growing popularity of apps like Foodspotting and food blogs, it seems as if everyone has become a self-proclaimed food photographer. We'll argue that this only serves to highlights true talent in the field, and this blog is no exception. If you like your hamburgers with a side of pixel perfection, look no further. The Hamblogger is a nationwide group of opinionated photojournalists with a sense of humor and an affinity for a great burger.

Final Score? 8/10

5. Boston Burger Blog If you call the Boston-area home, and are looking for a comprehensive guide to local burgers, look no further. This no-frills blog is written by guys who "aren't writers or gluttons.. just food guys with a love for burgers." Keep it simple the next time you're on the East Coast and take some direction from the guys who know best.

Final Score? 8/10

6. Burger Conquest Our friends in NYC should check out this burger blog for reviews. Headed up by David "Rev" Ciancio, the self proclaimed "world's most socially connected burger blogger" is reachable by a plethora of social networks. If you're checking in on Foursquare or Facebook when you're at a restaurant, and snapping photos to Instagram to post on Twitter, it's an added bonus to see social presence be integrated into reviews.

7. We Love Burgers The name says it all. Bonus points for design and layout of this page, as this blog provides information that's easy to navigate and packed within a blog that doesn't make us feel like we woke up in 1996. Try a delicious burger lately that's glaringly absent from their archive? Check out the "Submit A Burger" page, to point them in the right direction.

Final Score? 7/10

8. San Francisco Burger Blog Focusing on the Bay Area, the San Francisco Burger Blog cuts through dry food reviews to deliver something a bit different. Are you so in love with hamburgers that you've considered writing fanfiction on the topic? Right this way...

Final Score? 6/10

9. Burger Blogging Want to start your own burger adventure? Check out the specially created Google Burger Map. If you're especially keen to ordering your burgers from food trucks, the reviews and varied mix of burger info from different locations is a good starting place.

Final Score?

10. DMANBURGER-  Positioning itself as "The Quest For The Best Burger In NYC", this blog is written by an Australian chef who trained at the prestigious French Culinary Institute, and has worked in numerous New York restaurants. DMANBURGER also has "BurgerTV", which showcases "inspirational videos to get the tastebuds wet with appetitie".

Final Score?

11. Hamburger America Based in LA, this blog showcases interesting hamburger news and trivia, with reviews sprinkled in for good measure. Hamburger America is heavy on the editorial, and light on the restaurant listings, so if you're in search of a strict listing of burger places to visit, might I recommend Foursquare?

Final Score? 5/10

12. Burgers Here and There While a lot of the food blogs we mentioned earlier focus on restaurant reviews and checking out the local burger scene, this blog brings the focus back to the kitchen. If you have a penchant for cooking and are looking for something new to try, check out the recipes on this site, to walk you through the steps. Still nervous? Don't be! Their tagline "Making exotic flavors un-scary, one burger recipe at a time" says it all.

Final Score? 5/10

13. Everything Burger This blog features quirky burger-related products and paraphernalia. While they don't actually provide restaurant and burger reviews, this is still a cool site for anyone interested in burgers.

Final Score? 4/10

14. Grub Street Los Angeles Grub Street provides your daily dose of food news from and MenuPages. Here at Savings, we call the West LA area home, so this is our city guide. Grub Street also has pages for Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. It's not a dedicated burger blog, but they do have a good local hamburger guide, as well as burger related news.

Final Score? 4/10

15.Menuism The Burger Blog is part of the larger website Menuism, which is a resource for restaurant reviews, menus, and other eatery-related news. Featuring articles like "The World's Biggest Burgers" and "The World's Most Audacious Burgers", this blog doesn't stop at hamburgers. From Ostrich burgers (no, we didn't make that up) to veggie burgers and wrapping up the history of the burger, this is Hamburger 101.

Final Score? 4/10

Most likely to make your mouth water: Cheese and Burger

[photo by Maricel Sison]