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Herding Cats: College Football, the Kardashian Wedding and Kittywood

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at 11:56AM Friday August 19, 2011
under Loose Change

Image courtesy of ICanHasCheezburger

This week we cover the NCAA football scandal, the Kardashian wedding, how to dumpster dive, weird jobs, cooking with Ramen and using Twitter to predict the future.  Also a shocking exposé on the origin of cat videos.
CNN: The epidemic of college football scandals - So there's a totally unsurprising scandal in college sports, but this one is reaching such a fever pitch that it might just (finally) rewrite how the sport operates. Given the amount of money floating around college football, it should be no great surprise that star players are treated like, well, star players, with illegal gifts--but this time by a convicted Ponzi schemer.  The details are pretty lewd, so click the link to find out. The criticism is that NCAA football is "not just about churning kids out to get them ready for the NFL. That's not what college football is all about."  Trouble is, it's hard to make the argument that this is true. 

Bargaineering: Guide to Safe Dumpster Diving - I found this piece kind of bizarre, if not sad.  When the economy's gotten to the point where people are giving tips on the best ways to sift through trash, then we might've crossed a certain threshold.  But maybe I'm being too critical, as I've never set foot in a dumpster.  I'm all for taking stuff that people leave outside for the taking--I've found some good furniture, books or kitchenware.  Going the "full dumpster" brings to mind this scene from Seinfeld.

Huffington Post: 10 Weird Jobs You Can Turn Into Businesses - Instead of wading into a dumpster, maybe try out some of these ideas for new work--though crime scene cleaner isn't exactly glamorous either.  Check out the book Mop Men, which is a really great exposé about the job.  Haven't seen "Sunshine Cleaning." Foreclosure cleaner seems doable--though, again, kind of a sad statement on the state of the economy.  Poking around the internet this week, there seemed to be more posts like this.

Zap2it: Kim Kardashian's wedding and other ways to spend $20 million - Meanwhile while people are considering dumpster diving, the Kardashian wedding is going to cost $20 million.  I'd just like to go on record saying how wrong this is--decadent doesn't quite cover it.  I can't quite fathom how you spend $20 million on a wedding.  Maybe it's all in the jewelry: her ring is supposed to be $2 million.  It's bound to be an over-the-top, fantastical affair; the likes we haven't seen since the wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.  Wait...

Wisebread: Ramen Recipes to Write Home About - Amusing, and possibly informative, post about the mother of all cheap foods: Ramen.  I say, "possibly," because that depends if "Ramen pizza" sounds appetizing.  Actually, some of these sound pretty good, though once you're adding coconut and fresh vegetables , you may be leaving the realm of frugality. In other words, the way to make cheap Ramen delectable is to make it expensive.  Still, everything's not about saving money, and some of these ideas sound pretty good, and may not even be too pricey.

Consumerism Commentary: Using Twitter to Predict the Stock Market - Crazy: "The moods measured on Twitter lined up with stock market movements — but three or four days in advance of those movements rather than as a result of the market activity."  I don't know what software to make this prediction, and what sorts of 140-character chats are depicting "mood," but this is fascinating...and the future.  Though people lament privacy issues with social networks, it also acts as a strange kind of collective brain that will likely be able to predict things with greater accuracy the more that people sign on.  The difference with Twitter--compared to Facebook--is that most people's profiles are public, so it may be the better tool for a new kind of oracle.

Cat video of the week--inside Kittywood Studios: