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Holiday 2010 Handmade Crafts Ideas

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at 11:58AM Friday October 22, 2010
under Holidays

Fall is well under way and with holiday gift giving upon our heels, the great handmade craft ideas start rolling around my mind. From Halloween costumes to Christmas gifts, there are plenty of adorable ideas out there to keep busy. Plus, homemade can be the most thoughtful gift and easiest on the pocketbook.

Beginner or expert, no worries! Here are a few great examples of good and well, you be the judge...
Dust off the supplies, warm up the glue gun and your hand-eye coordination to get a few practice pieces started. Besides, who wants their masterpiece to potentially end up showcased on a site like Regretsy?

Great project ideas:

Bacon Soap

Mmmm, smells so good cause it has REAL bacon fat and a cigarette on the ingredients list.

Yoda Felt Hat

Show your love for the force. Make the little ones a knit hat!

Pirates vs. Ninjas Chess Set

These are so cute. Hand paint the pieces to be any characters.

Japanese Paper Lanterns

Fun for the kids. Make paper lanterns to gift to family and friends.

Wine Jelly

Who doesn't love jelly or jam during the holidays?

The not so fabulous:
(from Regretsy--Don't say I didn't warn you):

Knitters Cap

Put on the cap to get your knitting on.

Custom Photo Gifts

The term "photoshopped" started for reasons like these.

Puff Puff Earrings

The best of two crafts, a mash-up makes this hybrid pom pom jewelry.

Now that creative juices are flowing contemplating the next step to making your masterpiece, get more free ideas from online supply stores:  Free pattern downloads.  Free craft how-to instructions.

Hancock fabric:  Free home decor and craft projects.

We have all received gifts that have made us cringe. What are the worst handmade crafts or gag gifts you have received?