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How to save on cable: Eliminate it with these 6 cheap or free alternatives!

By DealPro(view all posts by CrystalECollins)
at 6:00AM Friday February 8, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

Cable is something that I haven't paid for in years. Ever since shows started becoming available to watch online, I found that I needed cable TV less and less.

Depending on where you live and the deal you get, cable could be costing you a pretty big chunk of change. Wouldn't it be nice to save all that money? Here are cheap or free alternatives that can allow you to eliminate your monthly cable bill:

1. Check the TV station websites. Sites like NBC, CBS and more offer their TV shows for viewing on their websites. Downton Abbey fans? You can watch the episodes the day after they air online at 
2. For $7.99 a month, you can stream endless movies to your computer, TV, and other mobile devices (yes, even to your smart phone!).

3. Hulu is another online streaming site, that you can see most of their shows for free. But if you want extra shows plus the ability to stream to your mobile devices and TV, then it will cost $7.99 a month.

4. Amazon Prime members ($79/year) not only enjoy free 2-day shipping on pretty much any purchase (no minimum), but they also get free streaming of various movies and TV shows. But if you're not interested in purchasing a Prime membership, you can also purchase individual movies and shows to watch via streaming.

5. iTunes. iTunes is a great last resort for me if I'm having a hard time finding a specific show anywhere else online. Most of my friends know that I'm a Doctor Who fanatic, and iTunes is the place that I can get it. I purchase the seasons, and own the shows this way. I can watch the episodes on my computer/TV the day after they air.

6. Crackle is a free website that offers a variety of free movies, shows (TV and original) to watch online.

If you want to stream shows through the internet to your TV, then you will need a device that allows you to do that. This can be done with one of the following items: Apple TV, Blu-Ray Player (streaming compatible), Playstation 3, Roku, Wii, or XBOX 360.

As a die-hard Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Smash and 30 Rock (so depressed it's over!) fan, I love being able to save as much money as I am, but still get my TV fix for the week. Saving hundreds of dollars a year makes me a very happy, thrifty mama!

Crystal Collins is an Atlanta local, adventurer, a health advocate and thrifty as can be. Check her out on her blog