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Infographic: The Valentine's Day Gift Economy

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at 12:56PM Wednesday February 9, 2011
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Attention husbands and boyfriends:  You have less than a week to shop for a sappy Hallmark card, heart-shaped box of candy, bouquet of flowers or blingy jewelry for your loved one.  That's right, Valentine's Day is only five days away.

Why am I picking on just guys here?  Well, because research shows that men spend on average TWICE what women spend on this day designated for all things romantic.  Although in the case of sexy lingerie, you guys have to admit--that gift is much more for YOU than it is for your lady love...
Cupid-inspired spending isn't stupid spending, however--we've noticed that saving is for lovers when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts.  There's a notable increase in Valentine's Day coupons and coupon usage in February in the traditional categories of intimate apparel, floral delivery and gourmet food (includes chocolate!).

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(Click on image for full-sized image.)

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